Tuesday, October 27, 2009

GOSSIP at Emo's: Ticket and CD giveaway, plus show coverage

Howdy y'all!

Austin Eavesdropper is reporting live today from her bedroom, where she is sporting super-hawt chili pepper pajama pants. And you know what chili pepper pants mean, don't you? PHOTO SHOOT!

This is what I do when I'm bored (and sick) at home. Trรจs sassy, non? My parents gave these to me for Christmas one year, and Autumn Equinox is sort of marked in our home by the donning of these pants.

Aren't they hysterical?? You can't really tell here, but they are elastic waist, poofy at the thighs and tapered at the ankles. Sort of like Hammer pants. I wear them relentlessly, and R. hates loves them.

Anyway, onto more important matters. I've got a super fun opportunity for anyone who's interested, and considers him or herself something of a live music junkie.

Thursday night, GOSSIP is playing at Emo's. Have you heard of Gossip?

Heavy Cross

I adore Beth Ditto and her killer pipes. Not to mention her killer make-up.

Gossip has been around for 10 years now, but like Phoenix and other indie rock bands making their way around the blogosphere, it's only been relatively recently that they've ascended to full-scale fame. However, between Ditto's naked splash on the cover of more than one magazine, her lesbian and feminist following / platform, and the band's delicious, just-released Music for Men album (sample it here - love the big bass on "Dimestore Diamond"), I suspect we'll be hearing lots more from this post-punk outfit. Austinites especially, since they're rolling into town as we speak!

Now for the fun stuff. I've got ONE ticket to give away, along with a CD/vinyl of Music for Men - your choosing on the format. To enter though, you have to be willing to do one thing:


We'll post your review, along with pics you take.

Any closet music writers and live show devotees - are you interested? If so, enter your name in the comment section below. This is a SHORT ticket giveaway, meaning I'll select a winner by 1pm tomorrow (Wednesday).

Austin Eavesdropper has been looking for just such a live music collaborator, so I can't wait to see who enters!


Tim said...

Oh oh!! I want to enter! Name: Tim Pennington. Why? HUGE fan of The Gossip. My blog has cute pics of kitties... but I used to be the music reviewer for L Style G Style.

Austin Eavesdropper said...

TIM - that's completely awesome (and perfect) that you used to be music reviewer for L Style G Style. Thanks so much for entering!! Will let ya know soon.

ryan said...

I want to enter too! I love music AND writing, and some of my writing has won awards. Plus I'm an Austin freak, so I love to do anything in Austin.

Name: Ryan Criswell


Amelia said...

I'd love to enter, but have no writing experience and only know one song by Gossip (although it's great). So being far under qualified, I guess I'll sit back and enjoy hearing via true talent. :-)

Aaron Robert Hall said...

Ooh ooh ooh! me me me! (hands waving in the air)

Oh wait, I am actually with Amelia on this one. Very exciting though. I am quite interested to see what kind of talent you bring on. Looking forward to more saucy show reviews. Fun!

Austin Eavesdropper said...

Aww, Amelia. :) You are too humble! I read your cogent and clever Tweets, my dear.

And Aaron...I think you've got your own party to attend to tonight. :) Which I'll be seeing you at!!! Can't wait.

jesselmabus said...
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jesselmabus said...

i would love to cover music for the eaves...used to go watch beth & co. northside in oly back when they played blues... but hey i like to dance too! once upon a time i did an interview/review of gen & psychic tv in '90 for public news (houston)... reviewed a creatures show in seattle in '97 for a short lived pub now lost to synaptic misfires...

Austin Eavesdropper said...

JesselMabus - Your reviews sounds totally awesome!! Thanks for entering, dude!

Jessel, Tim, Ryan: Stand by. Have word from Filter, who helped put together this giveaway. Look for an email from me in a sec!

To everyone else: Contest now closed, thanks so much if you retweeted this or spread the word! LONG LIVE GOSSIP