Thursday, November 19, 2009

Friendy Fires vs. Dinner.

Sometimes, people ask if I actually attend everything I post about on this blog. The answer is: yes, what are you losers doing?

Completely kidding about that. In fact, tonight is a great example. We were chatting about Friendly Fires here on Austin Eavesdropper a few months ago, and back then, I had every intention of attending. But something (YouTube?) distracted me for two months, and now this show is sold out.

But never fear, friends. Craigslist-happy Austinites are selling their FF tickets. (Ok, seriously? $50? That's a racket, PostingID 1472570670 person).

Anyway, rather than gaze at man-child Ed Mac tonight, I am going to do something I almost NEVER DO for lovely R. Cook!

The problem is this, dear Reader. It's not that Austin Eavesdropper is beyond hope in the kitchen department. It's that her mental ingredient list is as follows:


Isn't that sad? Whereas R. can walk into the grocery store and simply let vegetables speak to him like the Produce Whisperer he is, I have zero instincts for interesting foods that taste good together. I go through long phases where I will eat squash for a whole year, veggie burgers a whole year, soup a whole year. It's kind of like my digestive system hosts an annual timeshare.

Reader, do you have any ideas for a Home-Cooked Dinner to prepare? (No julienning anything, please). Here are some I Googled just now.

Shrimp and risotto.

Glazed salmon.

Upside-down Mac N' Cheese pie. (Just joking. That's disgusting.)

Your dinner suggestions, my more talented-at-cooking friends?


Adam said...
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Adam / @goatneck said...

I had a lot of luck with salmon last week. two glazed recipes and one marinade. simple steps and they taste wonderful.

The pepper-honey glaze was my favorite

Grant said...

My favorite easy meal...

Pork Tenderloin
Fresh Snap Peas
Rosemary-Garlic Potatoes

Takes about 30 minutes to cook.

Purchase a preseasoned Pork Tenderloin from Central Market. Follow the easy cooking instructions.

Steam some snap peas add sea salt and crushed black pepper.

Get about 4 or 5 red potatoes quarter them. Throw them in a mixing bowl. Take some chopped garlic and rosemary and olive oil and mix em all together. Throw em on a cooking sheet and put them in the oven with the tenderloin.

Poof. Awesome dinner. You could also try the Fajita recipe that I have up on my site.

Austin Eavesdropper said...

Damn, you guys are good. Adam - I am a salmon fiend. Thanks for that link.

Grant, you're my Phone-A-Friend for all things grocery! Can I rent you to come grocery shopping with me sometime?

Michelle said...

I am much less of an expert in cooking than the two above me appear to be, butttt

a. that macaroni and cheese pie is terrifying. I'll probably have nightmares tonight.
and b. pasta is my go-to dish; it's fast, yummy, and hard to screw up. For my neighbor's potluck Thanksgiving, I'm bringing spaghetti with mushrooms and squash in the sauce. I figure I'll just...well, first I'll learn how to cook mushrooms, haha, but the squash I just thought I'd pop it in the microwave with some butter for about a minute and then stir it into the heated sauce (I'm not sure if that will work with mushrooms or if it'll go badly) and let it all sit together for a while, and then you know, just add spaghetti noodles!

PS - it might be the cold talking but the produce whisperer made me laugh out loud.

kristacular said...

hey there! You can check out my food blog :) Haven't updated it in a while, but I have a few things up my sleeve I'm going to post up there soon!


quincy said...

Upside-down Mac N' Cheese pie.
99 cent Bog of Dorito's.
Grape Flavored Blunt.

Austin Eavesdropper said...

Quincy - Dude. Are you a personal chef? Because you sound like a personal chef.

Kristacular - Awesome!! I'd love to come get some ideas from you! How long have you been keeping up your blog?

Michelle - Ok, you could be my twin. I loooove squash and will use it in anything. Have you ever had spaghetti squash with feta and pasta sauce? Um, wow. Fresh basil on top. Kind of insane. Your pasta dish sounds pretty yummy.

All - Last night's dinner was BIG SUCCESS! I made honey soy glazed salmon, garlic and parmesan peas, and cous cous with pine nuts (I cheated on the cous cous....and used a box mix. Oh well.) The whole thing took about half an hour, was damn tasty, and so easy even a cooking moron like me could handle it. I should share that salmon glaze recipe with y'all sometime?

Anonymous said...


Jessica Meyer said...

Do you own a crock pot? If so this one is super easy to make. I made it the other night. I just threw everything in and waited it out :)

and you don't have to use the gluten-free bread like I did! :)

Anonymous said...

It was very interesting for me to read that article. Thanks for it. I like such topics and anything connected to them. I definitely want to read a bit more soon.

Austin Eavesdropper said...

Hey Anonymous, cool! Come by anytime.

Jessica, I was JUST reading your blog when you commented!! And yes, we DO have a crock pot. Going to swing by ATX Gluten Free now. :)

Lauren said...

I've been very into risotto lately. Toss in some cut chicken breast chunks and some sauteed mushrooms and you've got an easy, elegant, yummy thing in under 30 minutes.

Another go-to supper is something I call Eggs In a Nest:

Cut a large bunch of greens (collards, kale or chard are all good -- or maybe a combo) into ribbons. Saute the greens in a deep skillet with olive oil and some chopped garlic. When they are approaching doneness, use a spoon to make some indentations in the greens. Break an egg into each indentation. Cover the skillet to let the eggs steam poach to your preferred degree of egg doneness. I like the egg whites set but the yolk left runny enough to make a creamy sauce on the greens when I cut into it. Serve nice and hot with or without grated cheese on top.

Breyonce said...

I'm sorry, but I would totally eat a piece of that pie. I would regret it an hour later...but I would eat it.

Austin Eavesdropper said...

Eewwwww, B!!! GROSS!

Lauren - I totally thought about you and "Eggs in a Nest" last night! (Made some weird egg thing that kind of worked). Anyway, I really love all of those ingredients, and it sounds healthy and delicious. I am making that. Thank you!