Sunday, November 22, 2009

Going rouge: Red lips in Austin, Texas

For the past few days Reader, I've been in an introspective sort of mood. As a result, I have been tempted to write something, like, deep and relevant on this blog. A treatise on single-payer health care systems. Our conflicted relationship with The Domain. An examination of our local economy both through the eyes of a food trailer owner, and a diehard UT football game attendee.

But the most pressing issue here in Austin, Texas, Reader? Red lipstick.

First, some context. This trend is not unlike the High Waist Resurgence of May 2009, whereby hipsters near and far shed their low-slung everything and embraced a new era, one of tucked-in shirts and fastidious belting. Remember when you couldn't walk two feet here in Austin without running into a gentle lass, deftly hiking her waist up to chin level? I do.

Now, we are seeing a similar interpretation of Austin's "tidy" street style: a well-defined lip.

When I think of red lips, I think of Ashley Cass, Birds Barbershop's darling social media guru. Every time I run into her, she's wearing her pretty rouge smile, and I think: "How ladylike! How bold! I shall try red lips, too!"

And then I slap on the same boring nude lip gloss.

That's me in the front right, pink boa. Our Garden Party last Sunday. (PS, all of the Trevor Ray pictures from that event are here). A perfect opportunity to go wild with lipstick, non? Imitate the Clara Bow v-shaped mouth? But no. I cowardly reached for gloss, the kind with a name like "Barely There" or "Sand" or "You might as well not wear anything."

However. So intrigued by red lips am I, that I marched up to the Heebie Jeebie this week (a.k.a. H-E-B) and plunked down money for a tube of brightly colored Wet N' Wild. The results were pinker than I wanted, but still - a step in the right direction.

(If it looks like I'm giggling, it's because R. is taking a shower right behind me. Singing).

Let's take a look at other fever-lipped Austin ladies.

Tiffany Diane.

Danielle Thomas.

Stephanie Fraide.

Rachel Donnan.

Leslie Torbett.

Would love to hear you weigh in on the smattering of red lips across our Capitol City, Reader.

Are you yay? Nay?

If "yay," do you use something better than Wet N' Wild? I am embarrassed to say that at dinner last night, I looked down to see traces of my lipstick all over my meal. As if I had been making out with my tacos.


Jennifer said...

Yay! I myself have been searching for the best shade of ruby red lipstick. I just have to make my way to Sephora for a red lips consult.

Michelle said...

I love red lips! I'm having kind of a love affair with bold lips in general lately, I've got an Etsy seller custom making me some purple black lipstick. We'll see if I can pull it of without looking mallgothy.

As far as red lipstick, I really like Very Cherry by Maybelline in their colorsensational line. It's like $5, has decent staying power, isn't drying, and doesn't rub off on absolutely everything. Plus I've always had a hard time finding one that's not too orangey on me. If you want something more high end, I've heard great stuff about Russian Red by MAC. and if you want to know what VC looks like, it's what I'm wearing in the photo on the sidebar of my site (I feel very spamming saying that. but I'm honestly too lazy to go to flickr right now and look up a photo, haha).

Good luck on your search!

Tiffany Diane said...

Thank you for posting that photo of me! That was actually one of my first ventures into the red lips thing. Mine was Rimmel from HEB. Actually it's my sister's I don't own any myself.


Cassiday P said...

Clinique's "Suprise" is my favorite. It's a little deeper, darker....not bright. SO PRETTY!

Lauren said...

The whole line of L'Oreal Infallible is great in the not-getting-all-over-stuff-and-lasting-a-long-time department. Good colors, too, including some nice bold reds and magentas.

Ashley Cass said...

Oh how neat, Michael my boss forward'd this to me.

Red is a necessity for me, because I look washed out with any other.

...Avon, shade NEW RED.

That Chelsea Girl™ said...

Yay. I always wear red lipstick. Makes me feel glamorous.

Artmusicdesign said...

Yay! Austin's original red lipstick lady, Ash Cass, forwarded this to me. She gave me enough courage to make the red lipstick plunge and I'm not turnin back. I wear NARS Jungle Red.

Austin Eavesdropper said...

Jennifer - I get myself into trouble with Sephora. Do you experience the same? Will go there hunting for red lipstick...will walk out with John Paul Gaultier perfume, Bumble & Bumble hair mask and Dr. Brandt pore-shrinking mask of some sort. Oh and red lipstick.

Michelle - Ooooh I love your custom lip color method with your Etsy person! What's their shop? That is so genius, would have never thought of that!

TD - Ok, I think that Rimmel might be H-E-B's best-kept secret. Can't figure out why it's so cheap?! I adore this Rimmel mascara I got recently, and that red you're sporting looks pretty darn sassy. Thank you, Brits.

Cassiday and Lauren - Clinique and L'Oreal! Good suggestions. Clinique = the height of class. I've noticed L'Oreal getting more MAC-like these days with their wild and crazy eye makeup shades, shall have to try their lipstick too.

Chelsea - Really?? Submit pic of yourself with the red, please! Will add you to the roster! (Email is tollymoseley[at]hotmail[dot]com

Ashley and Rachel - My two red-lipped muses. :) Thanks to you both, am wearing red lipstick at work as I type this. Feel very Mad Men, specifically Joan Holloway. Rowr.

Anonymous said...

Heck yea MAD MEN!
Red lips will change the way a woman walks, talks & dines (I hear ya on the red tinted tacos, forks, glasses. But I'm like, WHATEVS!!) Smear some of that gorgeous color back on.

I wear Dr. Hauschka No. 6 - Intense Garnet
and I love Cliniques almost lipstick in Black Honey. Looks incredibly dark but wears like a berry bitten vixen.

p.s. just learned that rubbing lips together is a big no no to keep that pout looking perfect. Definitely works with gloss!

<3 the Post!!

Stephanie Ridge said...

As a girl who goes nowhere without her "lips on," I always say YES to bold lip color (and then I quietly envy you people who can pull off a subtle nude lip. pfft.)...

Austin Eavesdropper said...

Colours Marie (Steph) - I remember Black Honey from high school, omg!!! Might have to go out and buy some immediately. Wore it along with Vamp nail polish back in the day ;D

Steph - That's right, you *are* a lips girl! I think it's so polished and classy. (Just like you!) OH. Speaking of classy - THE KNOT MAGAZINE, look out!!!

Anonymous said...

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