Monday, November 23, 2009

Kat Edmonson: Lucky

I was listening to KUT yesterday in the car, and Kat Edmonson's "Night and Day" came on. God. How talented is she!

I remember seeing Kat at Central Market a few months back while eating on the back patio, and thinking:

".............wait. Why is this free?"

Much like, I imagine, the way my friend Jason felt when he saw Norah Jones play for free at Waterloo Records years ago. This was a short time after she and my roomate Caleb broke up. (True story).

Anyway, here is an animated video someone made for Kat's song "Lucky," which appears on United States of Tara. It's pretty delightful.

Kat is playing at Vino Vino tomorrow night at 7pm. See her and swoon.


Grant said...

Vino Vino link not working. I want to go to there.

Amanda said...

Normally, I work till 8. After listening to that video, tomorrow may necessitate a sneaky exit. Unless the district can't fix the sewage pipe that broke today... then, early holiday!

Jules Alana said...

I adore this chick...struggling to get out of work! Missed her the last time she showed her cute self in Austin.

Austin Eavesdropper said...

Grant - try now. :)

Amanda - DO IT. You shall not regret.

Jules - Check out her MySpace page, she's got a few more show dates in December. Fortunately for us, Miss Edmonson lives in Austin, so that we may appropriately stalk her!

Do Bianchi said...

me and Tracie B were going to go check out Kat last night at Vino Vino but she was sick again!

thanks Austin Eavesdropper for the link back to Vino Vino! YOU ROCK!