Thursday, November 5, 2009

Vintage Bleet-Up poster

If you've seen this poster around town for tonight's Bleet-Up - except in brown, not in blue, why are you doing that Blogger? - you have the amazingly talented Jen Carnes to thank. She is a professional graphic designer, works at Anthropologie, and - she is Austin Eavesdropper's sister-in-law!

AE hopes very much to trip on the abundant talent in Jen's wake someday, and get some on her. Can we arrange that, Jen?

See everyone at the Bleet-Up tonight!


That Chelsea Girl™ said...

I was stoked about going, and even called ahead to make sure I could get in--I'm only 20. Apparently between my phone call and standing in line things changed, because I was told the party was 21+ and went home...bummer! But I did meet two very awesome bloggers (blogettes?) while in line. Maybe in five months I can rub elbows with everyone else.

Grant said...

The setting for the image may be CMYK and not RGB. I don't think picasa likes CMYK images. Great party last night. Nice meeting you.

Austin Eavesdropper said...

That Chelsea Girl - Oh woman, I'm so sorry you left. It was all just got an X on your hand if you were under 21. Wonder who told you it was only 21+? Anyway, something tells me I'll be seeing you out on the town sometime anyway. :)

Grant - You are entertaining AND informative! I will endeavor to remedy this CMYK situation.

On a less serious note, I went grocery shopping today. I believe I got an item on your mate match grocery shopping list: Cinnammon?