Saturday, December 26, 2009

Admit it. You're excited!

This trailer leaves much to the imagination. Oh, the staples are all there: shot of Carrie's closet, shot of Big in limo, shot of Samantha exchanging looks with young chap in cougar-like fashion. And then - cut to camels and the desert?

The girls are headed to Iraq!

.....or Dubai, but that's a wild guess. However, a few things are certain. Miranda's hair and make-up get better every day. Charlotte likes to make cupcakes. Head wraps are IN.

These, friends, are facts. Facts we can trust.

Opens in Austin (and everywhere) May 2010.


andrew said...

Tweet up on opening day, Tolly?

Austin Eavesdropper said...

Oh most DEFINITELY, my friend.

Laura said...

Ugh, I am SO boycotting this movie. SJP has gone too far.

pinksundrops said...

SO looking forward to this. Was wary of the first, but ended up LOVING it.

That Chelsea Girl™ said...

I'm excited! I saw the first one for free, randomly; a bunch of women had dressed up as the SATC characters and were giving away tickets as a promotion for their bar...anywho, hope you had a great Christmas!

Austin Eavesdropper said...

But the question is, Laura: Too far with *what?* If we're talking fashion, I would have raised the SJP white flag myself somewhere around Season 2 or thereabouts, in particular over the fanny pack / neon block-painted jumpsuit ensemble.

But maybe you aren't talking about fashion.

(Also: I just mosied over to your blog, and love it. Just added you to the old blogroll if that's cool with you).

PinkSunDrops - Attagirl! I feel like with the ST&C flicks, you have to adopt the same mindset you do with Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings. Is there really a Hogwarts? No. A hobbit hole? A pair of shoes so beautiful you would willingly fork over $800? Probably not. It's fantasy and I intend to appreciate it as such.

Hey Chelsea! We did! :) What did you do for Christmas?

Laura said...

Oops, I should be more clear in my comments. I meant that she's gone too far in her tyrannical Sex and the City reign. I mean, I like her character well enough, but the fact that she's now producing the films? That bugs me. It means she has creative control, and I don't think she should, because it skews everything towards the "Carrie" POV, which is just way too SJP-ish and self-centered.

I prefer the friends dynamic, where the SEX of the show takes more of a center stage. Instead, it's now about... what? Going to the desert to escape your mate? I don't get it. Once you get married, your sex life doesn't die, y'know? Or go to a desert, metaphorically speaking. I feel like this sends a bad message for ladies who are married.

Perhaps my feelings can be more coherently summed up in this post by my friend, AV Flox:

Austin Eavesdropper said...

Laura! Yes...what you say all makes sense, with the SJP producing. On the sex being center stage, on the sex life doesn't die once you're married - PREACH.

The extremely vague premise of this new S&TC isn't enough to deter me yet, but if the message is that married life is boring, necessitating a trip to Dubai/Morocco/Iraq/what have you with your girl friends to spice things up, THAT would be a problem.

I don't see evidence of that yet, but I'm going to hop on over AV Flox's post to see if she caught something I didn't.

Maybe I'm getting "Carried away" in thinking life married to Big is ducky, and that reason for desert getaway is a whimsical manhunt for limited edition Jimmy Choos...or something.

prashant said...

Oh most DEFINITELY, my friend.

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