Sunday, December 27, 2009

Bacon: Taking over Austin, Texas?

Have any of you seen Attack of the Killer Tomatoes?

The film's creator, Costa Dillon, graduated from the same place I got my Masters degree, UC Davis. (I'm sure there are a few degrees between us to Kevin Bacon somewhere). If you knew the reverence with which UC Davis regards its agricultural department, this fact would not surprise you.

Anyway, it occurred to me today that bacon (not Kevin) is establishing a similar reign over Austin, Texas. Whether that reign will continue as one of benevolence or one of terror is yet to be seen. Here are the facts:
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  • Frank on 4th and Colorado makes a drink called a "Red-Headed Stranger" (wink!) prepared with bloody mary mix, cheddar cheese, bacon, and bacon-infused Dripping Springs Vodka. Did you catch that? Bacon. Infused. VODKA.

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  • A small gas station near my house, on the corner of 45th and Duval (not sure what the name is, but judging by the copious number of international flags hanging outside you might mistake it for a mini UN), sells bars of Vosges' "Mo's Bacon Bar," i.e. applewood-smoked bacon combined with milk chocolate.
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  • Finally, this fact isn't specific to Austin, but NPR did a story earlier this month about bacon being the en vogue dessert ingredient. The same story includes a recipe for Peanut Butter Maple Bacon Fudge, which sounds both ridiculously unhealthy and KIND OF AMAZING.
My gorgeous and hilarious friend Anna recently wrote in an email, "I am so happy that even in a city full of health-conscious vegans (and the home to Whole Foods, no less!) that there is still a great appreciation of nature's fattiest and most delicious meat." Indeed! We do love bacon, it appears. Which presents an interesting gastronomic dichotomy between our ever-enduring vegans and raw foodies, and our newly-proud carnivores.

I've always been a salt-craving type of person, so these rather tasteful bacon creations would likely all be welcome to my palate. I wonder, though, if there are more over-the-top manifestations of the bacon craze that I just haven't heard of yet? Is any place in Austin cooking up bacon crème brûlée? Bacon bananas foster? Bacon-tinis? (Looking in your direction, Bill Norris).

If so, I would love to go A) eat it, and B) take a picture of it.

Speaking of pictures, I've been photographing things non-stop with my new Holga camera and can't wait to post some of the pics for you!! It feels like a little toy. The plastic-y "click" and manual "crank, crank" sound when I wind it haven't convinced me that it's actually capturing images, but that's probably because I'm a jaded 21st century photography consumer and only trust the near-silent magic of digital playthings. I halfway expect to open up my developed film roll next week at Precision, and instead of pictures, pull out ViewMaster slides of The Muppets or something.


That Chelsea Girl™ said...

Bacon, really? Too bad I'm a vegetarian.
Regarding your comment, I WAS going to add tramp stamps, but then I forgot (I never stop editing my posts, haha), and since you then commented about it, whatever...and in regards to hipster culture, it's so strange that something that tastes like nail-polish remover smells got so effing popular. Sure, it's cheap, tastebuds shudder just at the thought. My grandma has a PBR sign at her lake house, and I remember quite a few bonfires my freshman year with the stuff. Guess that's why I now drink champagne and vodka instead.
Take care!

Ross said...

I'm thinking - Bacon, pineapple creme brulee. It just might work...

Laura said...

Hmm. I've had some Vosges bars before, and they are delish, but I'm not sure about the bacon. Could be good, or could be super gross. I do enjoy the odd combination of salty and sweet, though, so I think this bacon trend appeals to people like me who are a bit schizophrenic in their tastes.

Also, thanks for adding me to your blogroll!

Berk said...

Attack of the Killer Tomatoes really helped launch the career of a young George Clooney.

Just sayin.

Austin Eavesdropper said...

Technically it was RETURN of the Killer Tomatoes that starred a young, fresh-faced Clooney my friend. SNAP.

Laura - Dude, absolutely.

Ross - You actually inspired that creme brulee idea. If there is anyone who can pull off something as ridiculous as bacon and pineapple, in a CUSTARD, it is you.

Chelsea - I am a beer-avoiding snob myself!! Sometimes I feel uppity, but mostly awesome, sipping champagne instead of beer.

I also never stop editing my posts! :) That one you wrote was a great one, stamp tramp inclusion or not. Cheers to you, little lady.

Scott said...

I totally made the peanut butter bacon maple fudge from the NPR site...and as you might suspect IT IS THE FUCKING CHRONIC. I really want that bacon Vosges bar...but the shit is like $7?! This ain't New York City! Speaking of I do love that store and also call it the Lil U.N.

If you are loving watching our lives taken over by bacon, you might want to know that my friends the Franklin's who have this KILLER BBQ cart kinda by Starseeds/Owl Tree Roating are gonna have a chicken-fried-bacon and other absurdities New Years Day brunch.

Austin Eavesdropper said...

Ohhhhh really?? Who are these Franklin genius friends of yours, pray tell?

And I KNEW there must be some other person who called that gas station the Lil UN or Mini UN too!! Scott that makes my heart happy. We're unstoppable.

prashant said...

I'm thinking - Bacon, pineapple creme brulee. It just might work...

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Scott said...

Tolly - more about the brunch HERE and you can check out some reviews on them here. Obvs them being my friends is approximately neck and neck with the allure of the byob-mosa. You should check it out!

*A* said...

This post made me immeasurably happy! I am also glad to report that CA has tiny versions of the Vosages bar for $1.95 (still ridiculous, but I NEEDED to taste the bacon-chocolate, and lo, it was amazing, and no, I do not regret spending $2 on it). The chocolate bar actually comes with directions on how it should be eaten for maximum pleasure ("Look at the chocolate, it should be gleaming...Smell the rich scent of chocolate and bacon, let a small piece of chocolate melt on your tongue" etc). Finally - who is this Scott person and why are we not friends?