Monday, January 25, 2010

My 'hood.

Oh, Hyde Park.  You are too lovely a muse!  Quaint and walkable, historic and hip.  You were the site of my very first all-by-myself apartment.  You have provided me countless TLT's from Mother's.  You housed my future husband, and then you housed me.  You were the neighborhood where concerned motorists stopped on the road to explain that I had a head injury, and you are almost home to the endlessly entertaining parade that is Hancock Center 24 Hour Fitness.

But ah, Hyde Park.  You are not without your controversy.

"The neighborhood was originally developed by Monroe Martin Shipe in 1891 as a 'White Only' streetcar suburb."  --The Daily Texan, via (natch) Wikipedia

Interesting, no?  But given the times, perhaps not surprising.

You've come a long way, little Hyde Park (and as far as diversity is concerned maybe you've still got a ways to go).  Flaws and all, I'm thankful you let me be your resident.

(That's my evil looking - but squeezable! - cat Claudia down at the bottom, and right below her, moi).


Anonymous said...

These are amazing!!!


Grant said...

TLT's from Mothers? Tomato Lettuce and more tomato?

Hyke Park for 3 years total. I love it. My only complaint... Car theft and general mischief.

Austin Eavesdropper said...

LOL, Grant. Mother's TLT = "Tempeh lettuce tomato." :)

Thank you, Miss Annie!

Amanda said...

I heart Hyde Park :)

I'd call it economically diverse... I certainly share my alley with many a friendly bum. But then again, I live on the Hyde Park fringe - occupied by totally questionable clientele like myself.

Blanca said...

Julio's Cafe and their vegetarian nachos. MMM. Not to mention that Quack's has nursed many a hangover... Hyde Park is my favorite.

Mona said...

I know these pictures are mostly Hyde Park (which I like also) but I just wanted to say that YOU my dear are too pretty. For reals.

Kristen said...

i love hyde park.. if I were to buy a house in austin it would be there. i love the tree lined streets, the adorable houses, the proximity to restaurants and shops and everything you could want! I live just north of there in the north loop neighborhood... it's a bit more in my budget right now.

ps lovely lovely pictures!!

Hipstercrite said...

I was told that Rollingwood was the same way. The original planner stipulated "White Only". Lame.

Mai said...

AMMAZING PHOTOS! loove them..dang, i need to get my film developed. are these from ur lovely new holga?

i'm looking at buying a condo in hyde park right, i'm an east sider for life but apparently 150k only gets you a lot... in hyde park 150k would get me a tree probably haha.

That Chelsea Girl™ said...

Those cupcakes are making me hungry!
Historic districts make me happy, regardless of their intentions for being built.
I drive by the Hyde Park area all the time, it usually looks lovely.

huebscher said...

lived in a hp hovel for years ... is there still a roving maniac punching out three out of four tires on his victims' cars?

...oh yeah, and if you think the neighborhood's provenance is scandalous, sometime look up the history of the moontowers. their origin intertwines with some seriously messed-up shiz.

Yodaddy said...

HP is where you can walk to cool stuff. That's what I like about European cities.

dan solomon said...

@Yodaddy - That's exactly it. Living in Hyde Park reminds me of my favorite part of living in Europe, which was a sense that it was actually a community. I can run into the people who own the convenience store on 45th St while I'm walking my dog - it's more like an actual neighborhood, where the faces you see on the street are more likely to be your actual neighbors than in most parts of Austin. I never had that feeling living in Crestview, or West Campus, or even various parts of 78704.

Granted, I did have my car stereo stolen the first week I moved in, but nowhere's perfect, right?