Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Boas! Sequins! Shiny! Glam-Off pics

Trevor Ray, a photographer and a gentleman here in Austin, took pictures of this wild bunch of yahoos on Saturday night at The Highball for the Glam-Off.  These are some of my favorites!

This picture totally needs a caption.

As do BOTH of those.

My friend Jason, on the left, is basically Blue Steel.

Aren't lightening bolts on the face a little bit awesome? (As modeled by Megan, above?) I kind of want to wear one in real life, like, to Walgreens and stuff.

Would be even more awesome if these guys could carry me to Walgreens (or, anywhere).

Candace, the blond beauty above, was the other birthday girl and the main brains behind the Glam Off.

These are my buddies, Beaux and Dana. There is something very Kill Bill about this photo to me, and I like it.

The two men who made all of our dreams come true: Greg MacLennan and Henri Mazza of The Highball. Without them, our birthday dream would still be in the realm of fantasy and glitter! Cheers, dolls.

More Trevor Ray photos of the Glam-Off  here.  Go spot your pretty faces!

Thank you to EVERYONE who came out and got down!


Kristen said...

these pictures are so fantastic... looks like such a fun party, I almost feel like I am there! Sadly, I am so not glam right now in my work out clothes ;-)

Camille @ Style Notes said...

So much glam I can't stand it! Looks like the party of the year...LOVE the getups!

I BLEED PINK said...

How fun!!! I really need to come to the HighBall one night!

Greg said...

Thank you for throwing such a wicked party!
....also it's MacLennan

Austin Eavesdropper said...

@Greg - LOL, sorry Greg :) It is fixed.

@Kristen - Am also the height of glam in work-out clothes (not)

@Camille - Hehe, right?! I love people's outfits too! Want to dress like this normally!!!

@I BLEED PINK - You would love it. It has quickly turned into one of my favorite venues.

Breanna said...

HAWT. That's all I gotta say.

Beth H said...

AWEsome. Trevor always takes super-fab event pics! Love the outfits & face makeup. I painted a glittery silver star on my face for my last b-day party at the roller rink! it was fantastic.

Anonymous said...

FUUUUUN! And fantastic photos at that...The first one is my favorite!

jill said...

candace is really strong.

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