Friday, April 16, 2010

San Francisco calling.

Hello friends!

GARY!, Andrew, Happy and I are on Day 3 here in San Francisco, and last night, we met up with my beloved Sacramento friends, Jon and Ila. It's been a whirlwind of shows, dance parties, kindred spirits, hearts-beating-in-time and louder-than-necessary squeals, and every time I see something lovely, I am definitely that obnoxious person who goes, "WAIT, stop. Picture time!"

Here is what I have spied with my little eye.

I had a pretty proud pun moment here. "Who needs their homework grated?" I said.

Chinatown, where we ate our first day. Coincidentally, it was at a dim sum place my dad and I actually visited years ago, New Asia, where groups of Chinese performers sometimes put on shows - during lunch - on a stage flanked by more chandeliers than the eye can see. Isn't that how every lunch should be?


This is a temporary, free zip line currently set up near Fisherman's Wharf that I am campaigning to go on. The only problem is, you have to travel there and get in line way early (7:00!) for a wrist band before they run out, and we can never get up at that hour. Girls and gays need their beauty sleep.

Love from San Fran!

(I miss you, Ross and Claudia!)


Holly said...

I love these pictures and your blog! I miss SF! What kind of camera did you use to take these?


Kay said...

"Who needs their homework grated?" Ohhhemmgee cracking me up!

Austin Eavesdropper said...

@Holly - Hey Holly! SF is just so delicious, in every sense of the word. We've done SO much walking here, which is the best way to take in this glorious city! Anyway, I'm using a regular little Canon Power Shot, but I adjust the contrast/color levels to make them look sorta cross processed-y. I can show you how sometime. Also, I am getting a Diana camera next week that uses InstaMax film (THANK YOU HUSBAND!), and when Polaroid starts selling film again this Spring, I'm going to fire up my old Polaroid too.

Austin Eavesdropper said...

@Kay - Heh, glad you enjoy my dorky humor. There's MORE where that came from!

The Lennings said...

Check out the basement of City Lights. Many ghosts down there. See you soon!

Austin Eavesdropper said...

@The Lennings - Jason, we TOTALLY did go there!!! My favorite bookstore in the world. One of yours, too?