Saturday, May 22, 2010

THIS WEEKEND: Keep Austin (Under-) Wired.

Forging ahead with this new, estrogen-guided trail Austin Eavesdropper is blazing lately, I have a special announcement for the lady readers of this blog today!

And for straight men who are comfortable enough with themselves to go bra shopping for their wives and girlfriends.

Now please excuse me while I attempt to write this post boob pun-free:

TODAY and tomorrow, local bra maker Megan Summerville is having a giant sale for her knickers/underthings shop, Sew Sister. And by "giant," I mean she literally has 9,000 bras for sale. For $10 each! Take that, Victoria's Secret. (or "Vicky C's," as my friend Beka likes to call it).

The sale is going on until 4pm today (Saturday), and from 7am - 4pm again tomorrow.  Megan won Texas Next Top Designer last year in 2009, so a bargain basement blowout this is not - it is a rather unique chance to get your girls fitted by a local expert. I was tipped off about the sale a few days ago from one of my fellow Mortified alums who works with Megan, and raves about this cool Austin business.

the sew sister sale
7505 delafield lane
austin, tx 78752

So if you fancy a new support system ladies, here is your chance, today and tomorrow. Because sometimes, we just need to renew our racks! (I mean, closets.)


d.funkt said...

These are so cute! Sexy, supportive bras are hard to find for a good price (esp. if you're a 34DD like me). Have fun at the sale. I rediscovered your blog when I was looking for pictures of Clara Bow ^_~ Things look great. I'll be back soon.

-Desiree, Pop-o-matic Deluxe!

Greg said...

Tolly you are so awesome for posting this!