Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Lights. Camera. Help!

Austinites, do you all know who David Neff is?

Of course you know David. He's probably the most well-connected person I know here in Austin, and possibly, the world.

I call David my Networking Genie! That's because at least once a month, I receive an email from him that says, "YOU TWO SHOULD MEET," with an important person CC'd. He is a master connector with a crazy Twitter following, a social media trainer to non-profits, and on top of all that, a co-host for a local TV show about ghosthunting in Austin. Facebook like button, meet my finger.

So when David wrote me a few days ago to ask if I'd get the word out about his organization's upcoming film festival, I said: No.

Just kidding, I said yes, a thousand times yes, David.  Because who could say no to that face? NO ONE, that's who.

It helps that I really like the film festival.

David and his buddies run Lights. Camera. Help., a non-profit that teaches other non-profits how to use film and video.  Last year, they launched the Lights. Camera. Help. Film Festival, the world's first fest dedicated entirely to cause-driven films. This year, it has expanded from one day to three days, 20 finalists to 35. ALL proceeds from tickets ($12 for one-day pass, $30 for all three days) will be donated to the organizations featured in the winning films.

Now, a word on those films. I didn't know what a "cause-driven" film was, so I looked at the line-up.  We've got:

-Children reading in Queens
-A goat being rescued
-Gay people getting married!
-People with cerebral palsy being included in their families' lives
-Hungry people eating
-I'm not very good at describing these

I know! Let's look at some trailers. The first is produced by EcoViva, an organization that promotes sustainable development in El Salvador; the second is for Daraja Academy, a girls' school in Kenya. I LOVE that one.

Do you see what I mean? Those girls' smiling faces pull at le heartstrings, non?

If the goal of this film festival is to inspire viewers, then it worked, because I immediately hopped onto Daraja Academy's website the first time I watched that trailer. "I wonder how feasible it would be to fly to Africa and teach girls MATH?" I thought.  And I don't even like math.

That's why this is a genius film festival.

Lights. Camera. Help. Film Festival kicks off tomorrow, and runs through Saturday. To buy tickets, click here.


David J. Neff said...

Hahahaha. I laughed for about five minutes at this post. You are way to kind and please know that you are radass in my book Tolly Moseley! Hope to see you and your readers this weekend.

Austin Eavesdropper said...

It's ALL true, Dave. :) Hope the festival is a big big success! I know it will be. 3-day passes sold out, what what.

Jen said...

I LOVE your post, Tolly, and am totally linking to it in the article I'm wrapping up right now. :)

Austin Eavesdropper said...

@Jen - Aw, thanks love! I appreciate it. In all seriousness, I do think David is a gem and we are lucky to have him here in ATX. He puts the 'pro' in non-PROfit. ;)

Breanna said...

Whoa, David looks a little like Cary Elwes (circa Westley in The Princess Bride, natch) in that photo. Niiiiiice.

Austin Eavesdropper said...

Hahaha are TOTALLY right.

joanna said...

OMG I had a big crush on Cary Elwes when I was younger. I guess I still do...

Dad said...

O---M----G--------! I just want to fly to Kenya right now and hug all those girls!

David J. Neff said...

Dang it Tolly. Even the comments are making me blush. Cut that out!

Austin Eavesdropper said...

Haha Daddy!! Me too., me, summer 2011?

(See what you're doing, David. You're not only bringing non-profits together, you're bringing fathers and daughters together, too!)