Thursday, September 16, 2010

Love in the time of networking.

This was that last picture I took at #BATTH, i.e., the Big Ass Twitter Happy Hour held once a month here in Austin.

Do you recognize this handsome man? It is Chris Apollo Lynn, of the award-winning Republic of Austin blog!  Damn Chris. You so fly.

(And I am, very clearly, white.)

Anyway, tonight I am going to #BATTH.  I tend to treat these things like a National Geographic photographer, watching excellent networkers in their natural environment. Oh, I'm an OK conversationalist. But networking?  Eh.

Some people are networking naturals, like my boss Marika, or my friend Kelly. A popular Twitter personality and blogger, Kelly is years younger than me, but the kind of networker I only hope I can be someday. She asks intelligent questions, she is ridiculously informed about social media, she can talk about her interests and involvements without domineering the conversation. It is a gift, and an especially valuable one in a city that treats its social media users so respectfully. I really love that about Austin. That people take bloggers / Twitter users seriously, and treat us as for-real information sources.

Where was I?  Oh yeah. I am a shy networker. Are you guys?

I tend to corner Peter Tsai at #BATTH events and be like, "HELLO. TALKING GOOD. YOUR DAY, HOW WAS IT."  We go on like that for a few minutes, Peter graciously humors me and laughs at my weird cavewoman remarks, and then I feel socially lubricated enough to go forth and talk to more people.

But tonight, I won't abuse Peter's attention span. Tonight, I'm bringing real business cards. Tonight, I am looking forward to meeting more Austin Twitter users, because frankly, it's a neat group of people that I want to get to know. Everyone is so jazzed and excited by social media, and that, in turn, energizes me.

One more thing. Are you wondering about the "Crushworthy" sign Chris and I are holding? That was an idea we had for a "show," where we both interview (like, together, two-on-one) someone in Austin that we have a "crush" on.  For me, that would definitely be James at Hancock Center H-E-B, who is only the loudest, proudest, most cheerful sample giver EVER.  I am going to post about James someday so you can all know about this man.  In fact, you already do, if you've ever been there on a Saturday and heard,


I love James. I am, in love, with James.

Chris may have had other folks in mind to interview for Crushworthy, but sorry, James is my first choice. I can't wait.

Who would you like to see interviewed for Crushworthy, if we ever seriously made that a little show? (By which I mean, YouTube vids embeddeded on our respective blogs).

In other words, who in Austin do you have a crush on?


Greg said...

What a great post Tolly! By the way, great seeing you at Media Leaders last night. Like it or not you ARE a media leader in Austin. The benefit is just what you wrote, meeting the fine, well-informed Austinites like Kelly who completely snowed me at Social Media Breakfast months ago. Then she told me y'all were friends. I was not surprised. You are a GREAT networker, in your own, stylish, Austin girl kinda way. Austin loves you for that Tolly. I know I do. :)

Sailor Legs said...

I have crushes on many many people in this wonderful city, but those on the top of my list consist of;

@knuckle_rumbler- amazing party throwers, and some of the funniest people I know.

@gaston213- you know as well as I do, Tolly, how amazing gary is.

@wornwhite- she is my queen of social media who is my own personal hero. Plus she's as cute as a button.

Last but definitely not least
@titoshappy- he's one person that can ALWAYS put a smile on my face and he's amazing at what he does.

Anonymous said...


There's no way I can live up to that hype. Talk like Yoda I will at tonight's event. ;-) Not to mention, you're the very definition of a social butterfly, Tolly. Talking to you is always easy & fun, especially because you don't take "networking" seriously.

And 'cause you're awesome.

"Networking" is just an awkward guy in a business suit's way of saying "hanging out."

@MeanRachel and @Webanna are two people who I'm vying to be friends with. I think they're awesome. And I think @daveiam is always doing cool stuff. Then there's my insane crush on @ilovecharts. Like seriously. I dream of us meeting at SXSWi or in an airport.

Thank you for this very kind mention. SEE YOU TONIGHT!

k said...

awww i <3 you vanessa.
i have crushes on lots of twitterers and wish i could make it tonight as well. i've been to the last few and had a blast!

Marika Flatt said...

Thanks for the shout out Tolly! I think I'm more of a "connector" than a networker. :) And, since this is the mutual admiration society, you are one of the easiest people to talk to, anywhere.

Cathy Benavides said...

Can you interview Diya Liu??? I totally have a girl crush on her. Or Christian Ramirez.... I have a REAL crush on him!!

amber demure said...

I have a crush on the writings of one Ms. @hipstercrite - @maybecupcakes (she hosts monthly CUPCAKE MEETINGS DUDE) and that one Whole Foods cashier with the glasses that talks to me about champagne in cans.

Mikael Behrens said...

Hope to see you and say Hi at BATHH!

Austin Eavesdropper said...

@Greg - Aw, thank you Greg. :) Blushy blush blush. You are one of my favorite movers and shakers in this damn town.

@SailorLegs - Perfect nominations.

@Kelly - Dude. Mean Rachel and WebAnna are such good ideas. Both pretty brilliant.

@Kerissa - :)

@Marika - Thank you! I'm lucky to have good examples, though. You're FEARLESS when it comes to talking to new people!

@Cathy - Duly noted. I heart Diya, also. Sequins to the grocery store? That's a warranted crush.

@Amber - Oooh, yes. Lauren. Word. MaybeCupcakes! Good call there too, especially since there's an excellent chance the interview ITSELF could involve cupcakes (Chris).

@Mikael - I'll be there with bells on!

Also. Can we take a moment to appreciate my delightful intern, Jeronimo, organizing my blog roll right now? Hooray Jeronimo!

Breanna said...

Based on your description alone, I too am in love with James.

Austin Eavesdropper said...

@BREANNA! Hey girl. You have to meet James someday. He is pretty much the most excited HEB employee ever. Ross loves him, too.

Lani Rosales said...

I'm so frustrated, I totally commented yesterday before #BATHH but it's not here (probably my internet, boooo!).

I have a huge list but here are some highlights:
(a) MY heb guy at Parmer who yells at you in a friendly way to get in line 12 or 4 and counts your items to allow you in or exclude you from express lanes. "How are joo todays? Oh, I love hanburgurss! Goo dinner shoice!"

(b) @omarg should have a reel of him just being insulting. I'd watch that!

(c) @bigmikeinaustin who like you is painfully shy, but in order to overcome it threw on a green wig and volunteered at the door at #BATHH as a non threatening way to meet people. SUPER nice guy who would do anything for anyone.

(d) @elmundodemando for wearing a luchador mask like no other. Also for his endless dedication to non profits.

(e) @smmythe but instead of an interview just like her reading her tweets because she's very brave online and really calm in person :)

(f) @daveiam was already mentioned and I second that. I think you should give him a pixie stix in a red bull first to get him all hyper, he's hilarious when all worked up! :)

(g) @katevoth & @zangieb because they navigate very political waters with extreme grace under pressure. They have made amazing efforts to modernize in a very old industry (real estate) and are both kick ass ladies anyhow ;)

I HAVE SO MANY MORE!! LOL Great idea, I'm totally tuning in!

Austin Eavesdropper said...

WOW! Great ideas, you guys. Chris! We better get filming!!

amy said...

I LOVE James, too! He makes me grin like a kid on Christmas. As for crushworthy people, there are SO many that I'll have to come back after I have some time to think it over. This is serious bizness.

Cynthia Wenslow said...

Tell me about that excellent fabric in the background of the photo, pretty please?



Austin Eavesdropper said...

@Amy - I SAW JAMES TWO DAYS AGO! But he wasn't sampling, alas. Just working behind the deli counter. I'm so happy people in this city, besides me, understand the pleasure and delight that is James of Hancock Center H-E-B.

@Cynthia - Hey! I wish I knew. But Annie Ray does! Hop on over to and email she'd tell you.