Friday, October 29, 2010

Hips do NOT lie.

Ok Austin. This post is going to start out with a random video from the internet, but will end with you knowing your plans for tonight.

So without further ado: Please allow me, to share with you, one of the best instructional videos in the whole world. Why "best?"

A) It is about hip-rolling,
B) The way this woman moves her hips will blow your mind, and
C) While overtly sexy, she is also so oddly endearing in her communication that I can hardly stand it.

Isn't she mesmerizing on several different levels?   I mean, aside from the obvious -- her alluring, serpentine, nearly not-anatomically-logical hip movement -- it's her funny commentary that gets me, even though I don't think she means to be funny.  "I tried to type it and explain to them how to move," "I don't know how good I'm gonna be in showing you how to do it!" and "Imagine someone is pushing the hips BUT nobody pushing them."


Anyway.  I found this video long ago when I was earnestly trying to figure out how to do a hip roll, back when this was more of a dance party blog and I had a vested interest in, well, dancing.  I have since come to peace with the fact that despite years of dance team, abundant enthusiasm regarding dance floors in general, and several proactive attempts to teach myself how to master this key dance move, it simply is not going to happen with my body. Something hasn't quite shaken loose. And by "something" I am referring to my badonkadonk.

But!  When I heard about this edgy dance troupe playing in Austin tonight and tomorrow -- LeeSaar The Company -- I couldn't help but notice the way they moved their hips. And, all their other body parts, for that matter.

This next video is part interview, part performance by the LeeSaar dancers, and reveals intriguing details: Like, the fact that this duo earned their American green cards in 2005 for excellence in performing arts (is first time I've heard of that particular route to legal immigration?), and that Harari, the man, is a former member of the Israeli army.

But if you'd like to skip to hips, vacillating, maniacally moving hips, go directly to moment 2:36.

(And, warning: At around 8:01 it shows boobies!  In an artful way of course.  But depending on your workplace that could perhaps be NSFW.)

Like whoa.

"Formed in 2000 in Israel, with varied life experiences from parachuting in Tel Aviv to directing on Broadway, company members are from Taiwan, Korea, the United States and Israel. LeeSaar’s troupe embraces various disciplines in the arts where dance and choreography collide with theater."

That's a snippet from the press release.  This weekend, LeeSaar The Company is performing outside of New York for the very first time, and they are doing it right here in Austin. That's because "Prima" -- their new show -- was accomplished in part by residences at our Fusebox Festival.

So is that a sexy date night idea or what?  And can we also praise the fact that it is free?

“Prima” by LeeSaar The Company
Friday, Oct. 29 and Saturday, Oct. 30
Begins at 8pm
2211 Hidalgo Street / Austin, TX 78702

One more thing. I was going to do a big Austin Halloween round-up, but am too lazy!  My top three choices are: Zombie Ball, Le Sang de Gitans: Gypsy Blood (at Justine's), and my friend's house, where there will be a bouncy castle.

What are yours?


joanna said...

"like dees"

kristen said...

how does she do it? it looks like she's on roller skates, sliding across that floor!

Caleb said...

Thank you for posting the first video. I have no intentions, or aspirations, to learn how to do this. Simply viewing this video has vastly improved my day. Even though this particular blog post is targeted at your female followers, you've managed to satisfy your male audience as well. Bravo...

selah douglas said...
she reminds me of Anya from ANTM. Same earnest quality. I'm going to go try out some hip rolls...

Austin Eavesdropper said...

@Joanna -- Teehee. I know! I adore her accent. I believe she is Bulgarian.

@Kristen -- May I admit to you that, after repeated viewings, I'm still not 100% clear on how she does it? In some ways I think you just have to be BORN with that kind of bodily ability.

@Caleb -- Hey, I think any and all facility with one's body, regardless of gender or body, is pretty damn sexy. Did you see the guy in the second video? WOW! He even rivals her (the first girl) with the hip rolls!

@Selah - YES! Exactly. It's the earnestness I appreciate. The fact that she has one full minute of disclaimers before she even begins the lesson is just so...familiar. I tend to qualify things I say, too, so I just giggle and nod in appreciation every time I watch this video.

Beth H said...

i like how she says, "it's just a basic move, nothing special." yeah, right! : )