Monday, November 1, 2010

How Facebook reunited two friends, facilitated a photo shoot, and turned my cat into a centerfold model.

This is why Facebook is awesome.

A few weeks ago, I started chatting with a girl I knew from roughly age 6, to age 18.  A girl I grew up with in San Antonio, long before the internet existed. 

Anyway, during those years, I knew this girl, but only from afar.  She was creative and sassy and beautiful, and tall -- even at a young age.  She always had a slight sarcasm that I liked, and didn't seem to be entirely sold on the unspoken societal rules that governed our old money, old family name community. Which was incredibly refreshing to me, since I came from neither.

I always really liked her.

So, after we graduated, this girl and I, each of us scattered: She to Africa, to New York, and several others stops in between; I to Austin, to India, to California and back to Austin.  All told, it had probably been 10 years since we had talked to each other.

Then, we found each other on Facebook.  She remarked on this blog, and I on her wonderful photography.

I began thinking to myself -- I wonder if there's a way I can use her photos somehow?  She had some shots of drag queens that I instantly became obsessed with, and a kid having the time of her life on some monkey bars, and a dancing ballerina Boston Terrier.  I thought: This is my kinda photographer.

And then, this girl read my mind.

She asked if she could sponsor this blog for a bit. I said, ABSOLUTELY. She asked if she could come take pictures of me at my house. I said, NAME THE DATE.

So a few weeks ago, she drove up here, and we caught up, chatted, split a bottle of wine. She took pictures all around the house, and here are the results!

Me jumping on the living room couch! Behind me are some wall decals we put up this summer.


This is a vintage green love seat I got at Uptown Modern a few months ago ... that time I acted a fool in front of one of The Happen-Ins. It fits our house's '50s grandma aesthetic.

Doesn't this look like I'm in the tropics? It is our yard! Behold, the power of camera angles.

My cat, Claudia. Sprawled out on the '70s shag carpet. What a lush.

This talented photographer's name is Jessica Giesey, and her company is Bluelight Photography. Her style is warm, penetrating, whimsical and soft. And as much fun as her pictures look ... I can assure you that she is a blast to hang out with in person, too! She has a way of making you laugh, of pulling you into conversation, of selecting just the right moment to say, "now glance up at me." Click.

Jessica, I am so thrilled we reconnected! Thank you for making me, Claudia, and the house better than we have ever looked!


Marie said...

Whoa...these are STUNNING, Tolly!! I have to agree with you, Jessica/Bluelight is extremely talented.

Also, look at Claudia. Haha. She looks sleepy.

Breanna said...

You look goooooorgeous, dahling!

Austin Eavesdropper said...

@Tolly - Marie, that's no act. Claudia has two modes: sleep, and attack. We usually capture her in the latter; Jessica caught a rare moment of her in the former.

@Breanna - Thank you, B. :) Means a lot coming from a looker like you.

Anonymous said...

Why aren't you a model?? And, where did you get this dress? It looks kinda country, kinda boho - would be super cute with boots.

Austin Eavesdropper said...

@Anonymous - Oooh...WOULD be cute with boots. I tend to go '50s house dress with it, and bust out the heels. Anyway, I got it a few months at Buffalo Exchange - the one on Guadalupe, near campus! (If you are in Austin).

Dad said...

Like, whoa, Darlin'. Is your husband the jealous kind? Cuz you are the flame to the moths.

Texas Maverick said...

Wow, these pics are gorgeous! My fave is the jumping-on-couch. Tell Jessica to come back for the Gypsy Picnic and take shots of all the great food so we can salivate over them later. (But if she can't come I know you take good pics too.)

I'm so glad to see Claudia, and you must let her upstage you with her glamour shots or you'll pay for it later.

Multi-Tasking Mama

Those pics are amazing and you look absolutely stunning! I love, love, love your hair and your dress. I think I may have a girl crush on you.

Jodi said...

These are awesome photos. What a lovely gift to have these! Your interior design style is just as awesome as your personal style. No surprise there!

That Chelsea Girl™ said...

Those photos are beautiful, Tolly! Hope you had a wonderful Halloween. Take care.

Austin Eavesdropper said...

@Dad - Thanks Daddy! Poor Ross has had to get QUITE used to his wife pimping herself out on the internet, I'm afraid.

@Texas Maverick - Actually, I think Jess WILL be in town this weekend! I'm totally going to suggest Gypsy Picnic to her...great idea.

I know, it's nice to see Claudia back on AE, isn't it? Her fans have missed her. She's a mean little thing, but so CUTE when she's mad! (Or sleepy).

@Stephanie - Aw, thank you mama! :D For everything you said. I'll take the girl crush!

@Jodi - I know!! I am so grateful to have these/know Jessica. Like I said, power of Facebook!! It brings old friends back together.

And thank you for what you said about the house! It's getting there. We've been here for 3 years, making small tweaks along the way. Next stop: a big green couch I have been salivating over FOR YEARS, to match the little green loveseat I'm posing on!

@Chelsea - Thank you woman!! You too. My Halloween was supa fun. Spent it at Justine's on east 7th. What about you?

Hilah said...

Those are terrific photos! And what a great story about your old friend. Also, guess what. I went to middle school in San Antonio. Maybe I aw you at the skate rink some time!

Austin Eavesdropper said...

@Hilah - Hey Hilah!! WHAT a coincidence, because I was seriously just watching your rad cooking show, on your website! Someone on Twitter mentioned today that you were in Nylon Mag today, so SUPER CONGRATS! Judging by your funny/delightful videos, I'd say they made an good choice.

Aaaand...only had my 3rd grade birthday party at the skating rink! We did several rounds of hokey pokey, if memory serves.

Thank you for the compliment on the photos! :) Jessica is such a genius. If you ever need someone for food now know who to call.