Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Tomorrow night, it's wine o' clock.

It's a lushy week so far on Austin Eavesdropper, non?

Yesterday we were discussing cocktails, but today let's talk about wine.  A) Because it's the most universally accepted alcohol at Thanksgiving, and B) because wine is fantastic.  No argument there.

I have been a wino-in-training for years now, and for this I blame my educational path.  In college, I studied abroad in Italy, and in grad school, I lived just a few miles away from Napa Valley. This was all very fortunate, because unlike the majority of twentysomethings, I don't like beer.  How snobby is that?  My taste buds find most beer, even quality beer -- the kind made from wheat that's been delicately massaged and blessed by Belgian monks -- repulsive.  Historically I have been that girl at parties, the cupless one staring at the keg, a little too sober and a little too, "hey guys! Wanna hear something I heard on NPR?? Snort!" for everyone's taste.

But in Italy and Napa, my finicky wine preferences and I fit right in!  And increasingly, I'm finding my fellow wine flock here in Austin, too.  Ross likes wine.  So do our friends. And wine bars are becoming a rather trendy thing here, it seems: Vino Vino (my favorite), House Wine, Uncorked.

So for us -- the wine lovers of Austin -- there is something fun tomorrow night.  A tasting at Four Seasons' TRIO, with food pairings and tips for weaving wines into a Thanksgiving menu.  (Oh Four Seasons, my thanks will heartily given).

four seasons' first-ever virtual wine tasting
Wednesday, November 17

Wait, "virtual?" Allow me to explain. Four Seasons Austin is big on social media -- they've hosted two of our Bleet-Ups, including the very first one! And, for this event, they are conducting both a live tasting with participants, and Tweeting the session using this hashtag: #FSWine.

Twitter winos ("Twinos?") can pre-purchase the wines ahead of time (see bottles below), and Tweet along with the lesson, learning how to organize a wine tasting at home.

Or ... you can join me!  Meaning, live.  We'll do it live!

The in-person session at TRIO will feature Mark Sayre, one of Wine & Spirits Magazine's "7 Best New Sommeliers of 2010," James Tidwell, head of the Texas Sommelier Association, and Dana Farner, Beverage Director of CUT Beverly Hills. They will lead a tasting of ...

Loosen Bros. Dr. L Riesling
Paraiso Syrah
Chappellet Mountain Cuvee 

... and teach us the flavor profiles of each, and how to pair them with seasonal dishes. Dishes that TRIO's Chef de Cuisine, Todd Duplechan, will ALSO be sampling.

My gluttonous little heart just skipped a beat!

Tickets are a steal at $18. To get 'em, email Kerri Holden at kerri.holden@fourseasons.com or call 512-685-8048.

Also?  While we're on the subject, what's your favorite wine?  Because I can't stop buying Gnarly Head Old Vine Zinfandel.  It's getting a little out of control.

Thanks to Lee for above photo.


amy said...

Ooh, this looks quite intriguing! My hubs and I adore wine... so much so that we even joined the Zagat Wine club-- yes, they deliver as a 10-year anniversary present to ourselves. So far everything we've tasted from that has been wonderful. They use a ton of boutique wineries so everything is really unique and not so muddled.
P.S. I also really like the Gnarly Head Old Vine Zinfandel. For the last few months, my go-to wine from Central Market (it's like $10 a bottle!) is the ever-delicious Budini Malbec. Just look for the yellow cat.

katherine said...

ohhhhhh i'm a big fan of wine. are you going to this tomorrow? jj gets back in town tonight and wednesdays are our date nights...could be fun to do this for sure!

also, are you in the know of beaujolais? it's basically the kool-aid of wine, and it comes out on thursday: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Beaujolais
i'm planning on buying a few bottles, getting some chevre and bread, and camping out on top of whole foods to watch the sun set while enjoying my wine and cheese. i did this last year, and it was fabulous.

bsimms8907 said...

Don't worry Tolly, I am also one of those twenty-somethings that hates beer too. I end up carrying a purse full of my own ingredients to make drinks for myself when I go to parties. Usually when I whip out my purse of goodies (shot glass, liquor in a water bottle, and orange juice in a plastic bottle) I usually get one of two responses

1) "That's so awesome! You're so smart to do that! Oh, and thanks for bring your own stuff, no one ever does that!"


2) stares and no words, but I know they are all thinking "She is so weird."

I just relish in the 1) responses, and ignore the 2) responses. :)

As far as wine goes, I don't really like wine either but I've only had cheap wine at low-budget weddings. So in wine's defense I haven't really given it the chance it deserves yet.

Austin Eavesdropper said...

@Amy - The Zagat Wine Club! OH AMY. You fancy lady. I have only had a mail-order "club" membership once in my life, and it was when I was in 6th grade, and signed up with my Dad for a monthly BMZ music club. One month it would be Clint Back, the next month it would be Bette Midler -- we're talking hip, here.

@Katherine - Oh, woman! There is some kind of Beaujolais-only event going on in Austin. I think tomorrow? Let me see if I can track it down...

@Brittney - HA. I love your stealth drink mixing. It's an instant Hurricane Kit! You could trademark that s*t and be in business.