Tuesday, November 16, 2010

TONIGHT: Get your knit on.

Ok.  How fun is this?

If you're in Austin, perhaps you have hit up EAST already -- i.e., the East Austin Studio Tour.  It started last Saturday, and runs through next weekend.  We touched on the opening party last Friday, and tonight, there's a party just for knitters -- or, anyone wanting to learn.

(Psst. Before we go any further, can I share something?  

So last year, I went to the Drafthouse Ritz to see John Krasinski screen the film he directed, Brief Interviews with Hideous Men.  He was, predictably, smart, kind, witty, self-deprecating ... what I'm saying is, all the girls in the audience were fainting.  And with all that abundant charm, you could see why.

Anyway, on TOP of John Krasinski's smarts, his kindness, his everything -- he told us during his presentation that the day before, he had just gone on the East Austin Studio Tour!  He was like, "wow, I really need to get out of LA and move here. What city is so badass that it does STUDIO ART tours?"  And at the suggestion of moving to Austin, the girls pretty much went into full cardiac arrest.)

SO. Tonight is Eastside Knit Night, co-hosted by The Wonder Craft, one of my favorite local companies, period (they drive around in an Airstream trailer, teaching craft classes!), and Yarn Harvest, Austin's only sweater recycling yarn company.

It starts at 5:30, with Gauge Knit giveaways to the first 30 arrivals, with complimentary beer by St. Arnolds, and complimentary drinks by Treaty Oak Rum with Graham's Texas Tea.  You can knit, drink (or learn how to knit while drinking), and at 8:30, there will be a screening of Handmade Nation -- the documentary about DIY's current sweep across the country.  It stars our very own Jenny Hart of Sublime Stitching and Magda Sayeg, of Knitta, Please.

If you live in Austin, you may have seen Magda's work around town ... such as, covering those weird blue signs on South Lamar.

If you can't make it tonight, never fear!  There's more crafty fun going on this weekend, too: Austin Craft Riot.  It is ginormous.  It is put on by the EtsyAustin street team.  And trust me when I say it is holiday shopping heaven.


joanna said...

yes yes yes!

Beth H said...

John is right; E.A.S.T is sooo badass! and so too will the Craft Riot be. you don't want to miss any of the crafty goodness, y'all! thanks for sharing, Tolly & looking forward to seeing you out & about this week. : )

bsimms8907 said...

this sounds AWESOME! Why do I have to be a poor college student and work everyday!?

Austin Eavesdropper said...

@Joanna - Fun!! I'm going to try to go tonight. I still feel LIKE DEATH because I have this awful cold...but I lerve knitting. Hopefully I'll see you there in your panda hat.

@Beth H - No problem, kitten. ;)

@BSimms - The Wonder Craft girls are a little bit amazing. But they do events all the time, and will also be at...THE BLEET UP!!! So, you'll definitely get to see them then.

Jodi said...

This sounds freaking amazing. Why oh why are there too many things going on all at once and I'm just so darn tired?!

YardFarm said...

Sounds like a lot of fun

Austin Eavesdropper said...

Well, hi there @YardFarm! ;)