Thursday, February 17, 2011

Home is where the bird, I mean the heart, is: Q&A with Ingle Talk.

I'm telling you guys, Jessica Giesey (Bluelight Photography)'s photos are the gifts that keep on giving.

Ever since she came over here and did a shoot, the resulting post has piqued the interest of some home decor people!  Which is great because we are total decor amateurs over here!  The Statesman did a style story on the house, which was nice for Ross, because I vacuumed every single day leading up to the shoot.   And that's not out of character at all.

Now, sweet Maureen Stevens of Ingle Talk has done a little Q&A with me on the house!  She asked good questions too, like "Why are we both so obsessed with birds in decor?"  (I'm paraphrasing).   Because it's true, I can't stop putting birds all over the damn house.  Just like these people.

Click to enlarge, or better yet, go have a gander will ya? Maybe leave Maureen a comment for being so awesome! And congratulate her on just getting married ...

That's probably the best dance move of all time.


Marie said...

Love!!! Hahaha. That dance move IS so great.

maureen @ The Inglenook Decor said...

tolly! too sweet! just saw this...oh I've got more moves than that :) LOL

pinksundrops said...

Regarding balance of going out & staying in... sometimes I feel you read my thoughts and write them in a post. More realistically, though, it probably comes from having similar personalities and desires :) . I agree completely and have had a similar experience over the last year, only our list is slightly different :) .