Sunday, February 13, 2011

I worship you, Alexandra Valenti.

GAHH.  Are these pictures not blowing your mind?

They're all by one, local Austin photographer: Alexandra Valenti.

A few months ago, when I posted about The Happen-Ins, it was her 70s-esque photos we were looking at together.  Ever since then, I've been quietly stalking her.

I decided this morning that it was time to go public with my obsession.

That is who you think it is.


These sun-drenched, Indian summer shots might be my favorites.  They make me long for a warmer Austin.

 What the hell.

How is it all so magical?

You are a wunderkind, Miss Valenti.


kellynD said...

I love every single picture you posted. WHOA. I wish I had that kind of talent!! Thanks for posting these, I think I may have found my new obsession :)

Austin Eavesdropper said...

You're welcome, Kelly. I'm quite the fangirl for Alexandra Valenti ... welcome to my world.

Marie said...

WOW. I am dying!!!! Love it all!