Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Time for Fashion Freakout!

 HOORAY!  My favorite fashion event in all the land is finally here
Fashion Freakout is a vintage fashion show in a rock n' roll setting.  Every year it sells out, and every year it kicks ass.

I interviewed Fashion Freakout founder Audrie San Miguel in 2009 and 2010, and asked her: Why do a vintage fashion show?

"The artists, musicians, students, and creative business owners that are the life and blood of the music capital of the world aren’t label-conscious mall-shoppers.  They are eco-responsible independent folks that feel good about recycling fashion, standing apart in a crowd, supporting local businesses, and doing so on a limited budget." --Audrie San Miguel

Preach Audrie!  Couldn't have said it better myself.

Rather than designers, the runway looks of Fashion Freakout truly highlight the genius of stylists -- which I love.  Because even though my mind is blown after every single Fashion Freakout, I walk away knowing that all that stuff came from Prototype, New Bohemia, and Laced With Romance.  Which means that I could maybe someday wear it.

 Even this awesome puffy ruffles thing!

Fashion Freakout is kind of a huge production, with a custom runway and a rock show during intermission.  This year, that show will be put on by Gary Glitter cover band, Leaders of the Gang.

(I could watch that video over and over again.)

Friends, if you live in Austin, have you bought your tickets yet?  (Click here.)

If you don't live in Austin, I am so sorry!  It's yet another reason you should move here!

Fashion Freakout 2010.  Photos courtesy Austin-American Statesman / Photographer Mary Rehak.

Click here for Fashion Freakout 2010 photos, and here for Fashion Freakout 2009 photos.

And if you like those ... guess what!  I'm filming part of the show this year.  That's right!  Things are getting pre-tty technologically-savvy here on Austin Eavesdropper. I'll have the video and pictures up this weekend.

hope to see you there!


Le Tigre said...

I will be there!! PS. Are you attending Secret Circus?

Trevor said...

I am freaking out!

Austin Eavesdropper said...

@Le Tigre -- YAY. You should be walking in it! And I would like to attend Secret Circus, if by some miracle someone pays $300 for Ross and I's tickets! It is day-um expensive!

@Trevor -- :)

Le Tigre said...

Day-um indeed! I soooo want to go to Secret Circus but $75? Bummer...

bsimms8907 said...

I want to go to this SOOOOO bad! But we're having the Her Campus birthday party that night. :((

Vanessa Mala/HeightofVintage said...

this is awesome! ahhh if it wasnt sleeting in houston, I'd totally make the road trip! hope to make it to your next one.
love this idea, i threw vintage fashion show in houston in october, such a good time.
now following your blog!

Beth H said...

i don't know what is more mesmerizing about Gary Glitter - his mullet or that unbelievable belt buckle.
and ditto on the Secret Circus - looks soooo awesome; wish i could afford the tix!

Anonymous said...

SIGH. See, the thing is, did the Statesman credit me at all for the pics? Because I'm fine that they used 'em, I just would've liked them to be all 'Hey, Mary Rehak took some/most of these'. :/


Austin Eavesdropper said...

DONE AND DONE, Mary! I didn't know these were your photos for the Statesman. But, I changed the caption just now! I'm glad you gave me the heads-up!