Friday, May 20, 2011

I'm going to be a part of it! New York, New York!

Every year for work, my company goes to New York for the literary industry's biggest conference, Book Expo America.  

Or, as my husband Ross likes to call it, Nerd-a-Thon.

Anyway, I am so excited!  As you may recall from my 20-year-old diary, my list of life ambitions used to include living in New York for one year.  I still fantasize about that sometimes.  Doesn't every writer? 

  You think:

What would it be like if I lived down the block from The New Yorker?

What if my next door neighbor was a book publisher?

What if David Sedaris moved back to New York and became my ROOMMATE and we also became best friends?

What if, what if, what if.  That's the problem with writers.  We so often live in fantasy, that it's hard to yank ourselves out sometimes and return to the real world, where non-fabulous things like bills, laundry, tire rotations, and bank statements await.  Booor-ring.

So!  Reader, have you ever been to New York?  Where do you recommend I go?  I've visited plenty of times, but the city is so gargantuan that I try to discover something new on each visit.  This year, in between work and meetings, I'm definitely checking out:
  • Char No. 4 (crafted cocktails in Brooklyn)
  • The High Line (an art walk in Chelsea that my new friend, Tucker, recommended to me.  PS.  Go check out Tucker's art work.)
But what else?  That's just two places.  Surely I need to see more!


Happy said...

Pies & Thighs in Williamsburg/Brooklyn... you won't regret it in the least.
Also, WeatherUp for amazing cocktails (there's one in Tribeca and one in Brooklyn I think)

Austin Eavesdropper said...

Thank you, Happy! "Pies & Thighs" -- the name alone is worth a visit.

rise said...

After 11 years of living in NYC, I'm relieved to be here in Austin. But you should definitely go for a year, as long as you have an escape plan laid out before hand.

For your immediate trip, go to farmers Market in Union Square, go to happy hour (Friday nights) at Brooklyn Brewery in Williamsburg, Brooklyn....

rise said...

Oh and for the BEST meat (mmmm pork belly melts in your mouth like butter) and beers in a fun environment, go to Fette Sau in Williamsburg.

Not who I will be said...

I wish I had suggestions for you, but I'm quite a bad New Yorker. I'm sure whatever you do will be fun though and I can't wait to hear about it!

Hopefully the weather gets its act together before your arrival!

stephanie ridge said...

lady liberty is not pleased when you wear her hat inside out, or upside down for that matter. so not pleased.

megster1682 said...

So I live in CT, so I'm technically what they would refer to as a B&T (bridge and tunnler)... but as a Texan transplanted on the East Coast, some of my favorite things/places to do in NYC are as follows (in no particular order):
Have lunch in Grand Central - I like Michael Jordan's or Cipriani's, up in the eaves of the building. It's such a cool building, it deserves more than just the transient walk through, and sitting down for lunch gives you a chance to check it all out
Go for drinks on the rooftop deck at the Maritime Hotel - this time of year the outdoor scene is just getting started, but it's fun to drink in the open air above the hustle and bustle of the City
Go eat dinner at Barbuto, Jonathan Waxman's restaurant down in the Meatpacking district - it's an old converted garage, they open the doors when the weather is nice, and the food (rustic Italian) is amazing... you can show up in jeans or all dolled up,and if there's a big group of you, try to snag the large dining room by the kitchen
My other favorites are really just trying to get a taste of home when I'm homesick - like Hill Country (amazing Hill Country BBQ in heart of Manhattan, owned by a guy from Austin, complete with peach cobbler and Blue Bell ice cream) or various Mexican options... those are probably not for you on a visit!

Have fun! -- Meghan (Barloco) Rabuse

Greg said...

Piper from Kohana Coffee says this is her favorite coffee shop in NYC. They carry Kohana too!

Have a great trip!

Austin Eavesdropper said...

MEGHAN -- I love the Maritime Hotel! It overlooks one of my favorite buildings in the world, i.e. the Chelsea Market Building (once the National Biscuit Company). I think I could pretty much live inside of there.

Also, what are you doing in NYC?? I'm so envious, woman!

Austin Eavesdropper said...

Also, Kevin and Greg, thank you for the suggestions!

Not Who I Was -- Oh don't worry, I checked (can't have NYC raining on my fabulous footwear). Highs in the upper 70s and sunny. :)

Stephanie -- On the contrary I think Lady Liberty would marvel at the way I cleverly turned her hat into a pointy BEARD.

Allie said...

I've been living in NYC for nearly two years but am about to move down to Austin come August. I started following your blog once I made the commitment to move, and it's definitely got me very antsy to be in Austin! I've loved my time in NYC and I'm sure you're going to have a great time while you're here.

I checked out Char No. 4 with my boyfriend last fall, and we loved it. He is a bourbon fanatic and they have a very(!) large selection. The High Line is great too -- if the weather is nice you can snag one of the lounge chairs and people watch. While you're in Chelsea, check out the Chelsea Market or any of the great restaurants over there. I hostessed at Cook Shop (@ West 20th/10th Ave) for a bit when I first moved here and the food is super yummy. Really good brunch if the wait isn't too crazy and you can grab a table. A little farther up, also on the West Side, there is a boat bar called The Frying Pan (@ Wes 26th/12th Ave). Nothing special, but it's nice to be on the water especially on a sunny day. The Boat Basin (@ West 79th all the way on the West Side) is a great day-time bar too. I love walking the Brooklyn Bridge on a sunny day....the views of Manhattan are unbeatable, and I think it's a nice way to get into Brooklyn while avoiding the train. Also check out The Doughnut Plant (@ Grand/Norfolk Streets) and the NYC original Shake Shack (several locations throughout the city; original in Madison Square Park). Can you tell I'm somewhat of a foodie? :)

Even if you just walk around and get lost you can't go wrong...there are too many different and amazing shops, restaurants, parks, and people! Enjoy your trip...can't wait to hear about it in future blog entries.

Special Scout said...

Allie beat me to it, but definitely check out the Frying Pan! It is absolutely the season to enjoy some beers (and good food, too) on a little boat in the Hudson.

My other favorite thing to do to enjoy the warm weather is to head to the Sheep Meadow in Central Park (for people now, not sheep anymore) to people-watch and relax.

Have a great trip!