Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Comely Austin Fashion Week Posters.

I dined in an iconic New York Fashion Week site tonight (Bryant Park), while a country's length away, these beauties arrived in my inbox.

Remember the fabulous wigs of Austin Fashion Week 2010?  Those were not lost on this years' poster designer.

I likey.  Do you?  

Also.  You guys.  I'm at Book Expo America right now, and I have to say, it's such a heartwarming community of unabashed book lovers.  

I'd normally attempt to riff on something suitably fashion-appropriate, given the post, but instead I want to tell you about literature.  At a panel of book editors I visited, this book was discussed, and there was literally a mob outside the panel doors afterwards.  People were positively clamoring to sieze copies.  We're talking mosh pit, and I was down in it.  I caught an elbow in the face.

That made me incredibly happy.

Does everyone remember the cool discussion we had a few months ago about book suggestions?  Put The Night Circus at the top of your list.  There was a bidding war for it among publishing houses, and it's already been sold / translated to 25 countries.  It will be huge, little readers.


Pink Sun Drops said...

Oh, Austin Fashion Week, if only you weren't so close to school season! At least incoming UT students will get to go, though.

Loving the idea of that book. Looking at the reviews, I wonder if it will be the next Twilight or Harry Potter?

Anonymous said...

I am moving to Austin at the beginning of August from England, and I think I am going to have to make fashion week one of my very first stops! The posters look so exciting, can't wait!

Dad said...

I'm wearing my "I (heart) NY" t-shirt and envying you, darlin'... I hope you get to visit some of the sites/restaurants your blog posting fans recommended. And be SHOO-UH tuh blog about your fabulous trip when you get back. Are you missing Rossapotamus?

Drea said...

August 20-27th? That's right after I move to Austin! How exciting!

The Night Circus is on my reading list after I tackle Vanity Fair (it's so long).

Harry Hilders said...

Beautiful posters as well.

alex said...

Ah, that looks like to much fun, i might be transferring to UT Austin, it would be great living in such an amazing city!

Vicki said...

these are amazing! :) x

Miss Kait said...

Oh I love those posters!! I saved a few to use as backgounds on my phone :) So neat!