Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Laced With Romance.

We'll discuss the Beowful / Hannibal Lecter styling here in a moment.

But first, let's talk about a singular group of ladies I have a blushy crush on here in Austin: The gorgeous, messy-haired, vintage store entrepreneur gang.  

You know the ones I'm talking about.  They own Prototype, they own Feathers.  My girl Sarah Dean, who owns Magnolia Family Vintage, is a cross between Stevie Nicks and Lorette Lynn, and will tell you that it is her life's goal to merge the two icons into one via her personal style.  

How cute is she?

Anyway.  Some of these ladies put on my favorite fashion show every year, Fashion Freakout.  And that is how I met Stephanie Villalobos, the brain behind Laced With Romance, which launched a new site yesterday.

When I blogged about Fashion Freakout in 2009, I mentioned the radass tie-dyed tights on some of the models.  Stephanie saw the post, and MAILED me a couple of pairs.  Did I love her instantly?   Yes.  Yes I did.

So I invited Stephanie to a party.  That January (almost a year ago, exactly), Sarah and I were prepping a recycled clothing party at Beauty Bar -- the "Rock N' Swap" -- and we asked Stephanie if she could haul out some Laced With Romance merch for the affair.

She built a pop-up shop right there in Beauty Bar, with lots of delightfully macabre details strewn about: A cow skull here, a few bones there.  I was squealing.

Now, Laced With Romance is a full-on, buy online shop.  In photographs, the pieces are incorporated into whole outfits -- which I like, because I need help sometimes picturing how it will come together!

That last model is so making me want to haul off already and get the two tattoos I've been dreaming about for a while:  A flock of colorful birds that begin on the top of my foot, wrap around the ankle, and continue on my shoulder and fly off my arm.  (That probably made no sense).

congratulations on your new site, stephanie!


Le Tigre said...

You know, I was wondering when I would get to buy online the other week!? The avant garde silk & fox fur vest is sooo coming to burning man with me this year....

Trevor said...

Some of those clothes look rather post-apocalyptic.

Austin Eavesdropper said...

@Le Tigre -- In a sea of drawstring hemp pants, you will pretty much win Hottest Girl at Burning Man honors.

@Trevor -- Lest you forget, we're still gonna have to look GOOD after the apocalypse! Best dressed = least likely to get cannibalized.

Laurie said...

I love these. I especially like the bright colored long vest jacket thing. (That is probably a butchery of how the designer would the piece...oops.)

Thanks for sharing!

Beth H said...

i will now be stealing "radass" as my fave new term.

Some Korean Website Highjacker said...

love them all, kinda wicked, very cool! now that's a feather headband that'd fit ; )

thanks so much for your visit tolly, now it's my turn to be sipping wine and wandering through the blog pathways. that tattoo idea sounds amazing! i'm waiting for another one myself, they are almost addicting. ♥

Corey Wilkey said...

you have a point with the least likely to be cannibalized! haha i love it i would even wear pretty much all of it! :)