Thursday, September 11, 2008

Calling my own bluff: The gym

So, like many a gal in her twenties, I go to the gym regularly. Why? Sheer vanity. Also, I have a Chilango Margarita problem.
I go to 24 Hour Fitness, where in the past, I have attended several things: hip-hop dance classes, kickboxing classes, spin classes, yoga classes, weight-lifting very awkward "strip" aerobics class, a brief fitness craze flash in the pan circa well as countless individual sessions on treadmills, elliptical trainers, stairsteppers, stationary bikes, hand-weights, inflatable balls (effective, but comical), with an iPod or TV as my training companion.

But today, I am DUNZO!

I am completely sick of the gym, guys. Can anyone here relate? I caught myself yawning on the elliptical trainer tonight. Seriously. It's sooo boring.

Also: It's crowded. I know, duh. But guys - and I mean specifically males - what is the deal with you and your territorial behavior around the weights area? There is some serious hoarding and skulking going on around the weight benches in particular. I've noticed how some guys "claim" benches by draping their sweaty towels over them, after which, ew, none of us want to use it! Are you saving your bench in case you come back later? Are you going to go knock out an hour of cardio real fast in between sets?

I have clearly lost the gym fervor, so am considering adopting a new fitness routine. I decided to look to a trusted source for information: YouTube.

The first item a found is a "facial exercises" item from Greer Childers, at once hilarious and horrifying. WARNING: not suitable for young children.

The second absolutely warmed my heart: Canadians! You're so goofy! Do any of you own an i-Joy Ride Exerciser? Can I borrow it?

Ok, this last clip is a classic to most of you I am sure - but how did I miss this?? It makes me want to join a ginormous dance troupe stat, even if that means being in jail! Behold: 1,500 plus CPDRC inmates of the Cebu Provincial Detention and Rehabilitation Center in Cebu, Philippines doing "Jump!!!"

The same group also does Soulja Boy, Thriller, I Need a Hero...seriously, is this a documentary? Can it be please?

Funny how dancing inmates have totally derailed my train of thought...what was I blogging about again? Oh yeah - exercise.

I can't resist - one more!!


Amy said...

Clearly this is what the American judicial system is lacking -- dance moves.

Ellen has also done some hilarious segments on the Hawaii Chair. I think they might be up your exercise alley.

Crumbs said...

OMG - this whole impending hurricane has gotten me all tense and worked up, then I stumbled on this website, and it starts cracking me up...and of course I HAVE to act out "The Lion" with the be-leotarded lady.
phew. funny, funny stuff. thanks.