Saturday, November 22, 2008

NATURE! Part 1

Guys, I am CAMPING right now!

Well, technically, R. is loading up the car. Our contributions are telling.



I am also bringing a camera, so you can all see how hilarious this is when we come back. I am a "city individual" you might say, so I am I do not know what.



Angie said...

LoL, love your contribution.

Dana said...

You turned out to be more of a trooper that I was. I fell asleep around the fire in a folding chair with a pug in my lap. Snorrrrt!

That Austin Girl said...


That pug of yours is quite possibly the most wonderful dog I have ever met. I heart Tiger so VERY much.

Colleen said...

I love my IUD too! You crack me up. I grew up in Austin and love your blog, which I found from JB and Sandy, even though I live in Fort Worth it keeps me updated on all the coolness!! Oh and I have puggles, way cute too. Check those darlin's out. :)