Sunday, November 16, 2008

This morning: Hangover 1, Gym 0

So pardon my candor you guys, but we've ALL been there.

Today was the type of morning where you wake up saying to yourself, "Dear God, I am never drinking again." The type of morning, also, where you stumble to the bathroom, take one look in the mirror, and are so absolutely horrified that you go back to bed and pray it's a better sight in another hour. Raise your hand if you've experienced that?

Anyway, my Saturday evening started out beautifully, as I got to spend some time with my friend Kathryn and her adorable new baby, Lucia! It's a surreal thing when one of your closest friends becomes a parent, and a COMPETENT parent at that. Kathryn is such a natural. For example, when Lucia is hungry, Kathryn just knows, without Lucia even having to say anything. If I ever bear a child, I think I am going to regard it rather like a Tivo or a self-assembly piece of IKEA furniture, where I just sort of stare at it scratching my head, thinking: "How do you work, exactly?"

We also laughed last night when Kathryn went to go put Lucia in her rocker/bed thing, resting on the floor at a corner (<---significant) of the table, and our friend Justin goes: "Nobody puts Baby in a corner." Haha.

Next, R. dropped me off at Club DeVille for the Grit N' Glamour fashion show, where I got to hear an awesome pick-up line from this guy:

Link"How much does a polar bear weigh? I don't know either, but it helps break the ice."

(Note: Vincent, the fine individual you see above, delivered this line after I specifically asked him what was the worst pick-up line he ever heard. It's story I'm working on for Rare. What a good sport, and thank you Vincent!)

After that, I jetted over to The Compound for that Black & White Years/DJ Manny show we were talking about yesterday. And while there, well, y'all remember how I said I wasn't friends with DJ BigFace yet? HO!:

And he even gave me a CD!!

Also saw these familiar (sickeningly photogenic) faces....

The lovely Cory Ryan and I are two newly-minted redheads!

(I'm kind of a squinter when I smile).

And lastly, here's an interesting shot of DJ Manny:

Doesn't this look like a Special Investigations Unit detective photo or something? I don't know why my camera did that!

FINALLY, way too many vodka and cranberries later, a few of us schlepped it over to a loft afterparty where falafel magically appeared. In true classy form, I pretty much ate the falafel and skedaddled.....but not without snapping this!

The money shot!

After a thoroughly entertaining Saturday night, I am now enjoying a dazed, lazy, Sunday afternoon, considering the gym in the most abstract of plans, but also content to sit here and giggle over photos from last night. Laughing burns calories, doesn't it?

Cheers, everyone.

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Doneski said...

If there were hipsters in the Star Wars films, Bigface would be one.