Saturday, November 15, 2008

The Black and White Years AND Vain Salon party

So here is something pretty special I just found out about: The Black and White Years are playing tonight at The Compound over on the east side, along with DJ Manny.

I think I am going to go. I have actually never seen The Black and White Years, but I sure have shaken it to DJ Manny at Red Fez - so any way you slice it, this will be a fun show!

Also - guys. You know how I went red? Well, I have Buffy at Vain to thank for it, and tomorrow, the whole salon is having a party!! They have a GORGEOUS new website, and they are celebrating it with hula hoops all day tomorrow:

(P.S. - On the site, they have this amazing music video which totally captures the flavor of Vain, and if I were smart/web-savvy enough I would steal it and post it here. Until then, just go look at it.)


Adam said...


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Love!!

Black and White Years

That Austin Girl said...

No prob, John!

And Adam, I love Buffy too!!!!