Friday, December 5, 2008

Dance parties, art parties, and crazy indie crafters?! YES WE CAN!

WOW. This weekend is paaaacked. Ridiculously filled with things to do. Here is a very brief sampling.


I am in love with this event poster.

Don't you want a tattoo or something that looks exactly like that? So beautiful! Anyway, The Noise Revival is like this ambient celebration of instruments. Whoa, there's a flute. Hey! There's a trumpet. Their song "Days N Daze" reminds me a little of Arcade Fire's big '07 song, Rebellion (Lies).

And, don't forget about Hollywood Gossip y'all! Tonight is the EP release!

This is pretty neat! Jennifer Ely is a very talented artist, fresh off the chopping block at Art Institue of Chicago. There is an opening party for her art gallery this Saturday!

7-10 PM at 2124
E. 6th Street.
Complimentary cocktails (red white and beer)
Giving away one of her limited edition prints, too. Here is my favorite:

You can check out the studio's website to see more.

DEFINITELY attending this:

Some info from Mike Litt, who's helping to host this event:

"AckMe continues as a platform to raise awareness of local Homeless Issues. This year, we’re supplementing House the Homeless‘ winter drive for Beanies and Gloves as well as the ARCH's (Austin Resource Center for the Homeless) need for toiletries. Regular admission is $5 with any of these donation items. Admission is $6 without an item."

Wow! I know, so cool, right? It's this crazy crafter party, with lots of pretty DIY things for sale. Also vegan treats, apparently.

The Mohawk


Oh that's monologist debut. (Not quite as cool as a polygamist debut).

See this post for details!


Tiffany Diane said...

I wanna go! I think I talked R.gear to going too.

Tiffany Diane said...

nonon I meant Sunday!

Tiffany Diane said...

I am leaving too many comments, but I HOPE YOU'RE READY FOR TONIGHT. Good luck, girl.