Sunday, January 4, 2009

That Austin Girl at ColdTowne Theater, Part 2

Hi everyone.

So, when you guys were kids, did you ever have story-writing assignments for school? They usually started around 3rd grade, after you've safely mastered the letter "R" and perhaps have ventured into cursive. You opened up your Big Chief writing tablet, positioned your pencil between the pink and blue lines, and the teacher announced a topic to write about?

Well, I used to LOVE those. Only my stories could be a little morbid sometimes. One time, my 3rd grade teacher Mrs. Canipe told us the topic was "bugs," so I wrote a story about a boy lizard and a girl lizard who go on a date. The boy lizard, Olly (wow, I was pretty creative with character names), is so excited about his date that he hires a mosquito, a big, lizard-supporting one, for he and his lady to ride on. Like a taxi! Everything is going great, Olly and his girlfriend lizard are buzzing around on the mosquito, exchanging witty lizard banter....when, SPLAT, the whole operation flies into a windshield. And dies. End of date and end of story.

What 8-year-old comes up with that??

Anyway, I will be telling stories again tonight at ColdTowne Theater for their weekly "Stool Pigeon." It probably won't be about Olly. Thank God. Or swingers, as we dished about at the last Stool Pigeon. No, I think I'm going to tell you about the time I stole badges from my fellow Girl Scout. (Brownie, to be perfectly accurate). Yes, I was a horrifying child.


STOOL PIGEON at ColdTowne Theater
Starring "That Austin Girl" (me)
Show starts 7:00pm
Get there 6:45 for seating
1 hour long

Now the only question is, what kind of a child were you?


Angie said...

Lol, definitely wouldn't want be the girl lizard on a date with Olly though. I wish I was in town to hear your new stories.

I was always that child who wanted to run away, except I never did and I don't know why I really wanted to.

Ross said...

I wonder if the lizard flew into the windshield because his girlfriend was peeing on him.

That Austin Girl said...

Thanks for dropping by, Angie! Funny about you always wanting to run away....I think I made it out to the end of my driveway, once, on a runaway adventure.

Ross, that's probably an accurate assessment. :) It's nice that the lizard married his girlfriend anyway, though.

Breyonce said...

I played with Barbies everyday as a kid, only I had a morbid streak, too. A lot of my Barbie sessions involved divorce, babies born out of wedlock, and Ken hurling himself from the balcony because Barbie didn't love him anymore. It's a wonder I don't come from a broken home.