Friday, July 24, 2009

Brazilian Girls: A MySpace page so hip, it'll make you cry

There are few MySpace pages as aesthetically-pleasing as Brazilian Girls' MySpace page, no?

Brazilian Girls came to our fair city in 2006 for ACL, and I really want them to come back. Especially after watching videos like these:

In the meantime, several other Treasure Island kids are coming to ACL this year, like Girl Talk and Passion Pit.

Maybe we can convince Eddie Vedder to steal Sabina Sciubba's pretty white dress, and hold it ransom until Brazilian Girls come to Austin?? I bet he'd be into it.


D said...

CANNOT WAIT for Girl Talk AND Passion Pit!!! I've been to both their shows at Emo's- both packed, sold out shows. I'm glad I got to see both of them up close, because after all the elbow-throwing from the hundreds of preppy highschoolers around me, I'm ready to watch from afar from the comfort of my blanket.

ACL cannot come soon enough!

Megalithic Rick said...

I wanna see Brasilian Girls sooo badd XO I can't bleve I missed'em in '06 at ACL and in '05 in SX X/ I got the mega hawts for the lead sing. If I ever get in the same proximity as of her, I will attempt to replicate one of the mating dances choregraphed by the birds of paradise...for real

Anonymous said...

Agree. Brazilian Girls need to start touring again. I've been in love with them since the summer of 2005. I heard Homme and was blown away. I think they've been keeping it easy lately because Sabina Sciubba was prego.

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