Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Where I go when I can't be creative.

Do you ever have days - or weeks - when you start, stop, start, stop, and start again on something creative, but just can't see it through?

That is me, with blogging. Lately, I have started a ton of blog posts that never come to fruition, either because they are boring, or because they're not something I think you would want to read, or because I simply stall out halfway in. It's like someone hits a switch, and my fingers freeze, mid-type. "We're done now!"

As long as I've been blogging, I've realized that sometimes, I need to take breaks, and dive into someone else's art before returning to mine.

I've posted on Tamara Lichtenstein before, but while perusing my friend Amanda's blog, Dishevelled Stars, last night, I was reminded how much I adore her photography.

(Doesn't this girl look like Liz Lemon?)

Thank you, Tamara.


Heather Howell said...

One word for all of these: RAD!

katherine said...

oooh i want her to take some pictures of me looking ultra fab like that! love the one with the sparkles.

ps shall we springs soon?

Austin Eavesdropper said...

@Heather - Right? I am completely infatuated with her photography. Check out her site...I really don't understand why American Apparel hasn't snapped her up yet as Creative Director.

@Katherine - I KNOW. Me too. I want one with the flowers!

Springs = excellent idea. When ya free? This weekend is cray cray, but next weekend is pretty good.

Anonymous said...

Love so much.

Anonymous said...

Girllll I know what you mean. Sometimes I wonder what would happen if I just made a post saying "yeah I've been eating HEB brand mac n cheese from a box for the past 5 days, here's a picture." By the way, I haven't forgotten about the kombucha mother, if you still have it and if it is still alive (do they die? I feel weird that I have to ask that question about something I want to consume).

amy said...

How ridiculously beautiful!
And I know just what you mean about the false-starts with the blog posts. I have several drafts whose day(s) will one day arrive.... Most likely it'll be cloudy.

Austin Eavesdropper said...

@Anonymous - Sigh... me too.

@thefirstkitchen - I giggled yesterday when I read your comment. :) It is so reassuring to hear that other bloggers go through this, too. Some days I'm just like: "my pictures are dumb, I can't format for shit, and I'm all out of words. BYE."

Kombucha mother! They ARE alive, always. :) Haha. Anyway, I have a small waiting list. You would be 4th one down, which means waiting a little over a month. As long as that's ok with you, I am more than happy to give you one of my new mommies? (Wow that sounds wrong)

@Amy - I really, really love PixieSpace. I also can't believe they only made 2 seasons of Flight of the Conchords, and, Little People pretty much rocked my life. Cheers to you, kindred spirit.

Amanda said...

I thought that pink flower picture looked familiar!

And I vote yes on the facebook page

rise said...

Nice stuff. Lately I've been checking out Flickr groups for inspiration. Lots of creative people out there, making stuff.

Austin Eavesdropper said...

@Amanda - Sigh. I heart Tamara's work. I just got a Diana F+ camera, and *fantasize* about shooting stuff as beautiful as hers.

@Rise - Kevin, what groups do you stalk? I love all the Flickr lomo groups.