Friday, July 8, 2011

So sexy it hurrrrrts.

So remember when we were talking about Free People?  And how they shot the July catalogue in Austin?  Specifically at The Mohawk?  And used our local babies The Happen-Ins for the shoot?

That was a lot of questions.  

Anyway, here is the result.  Tell me it doesn't want to make you immediately strip off whatever you're wearing, throw on this stuff, and become a rock band groupie bohemian. 

I know!  It's too sexy!  

And I'm too sexy for my shirt!  Too sexy for my shirt!  So sexy it hurrrrrts.

Here are some shots from the catalogue, out now.  Aside from the pretty clothes, I'm just so thrilled that it was all shot here in Austin.  I mean -- I've thrown a party in that very room (second pic down)!

I also tripped over a speaker once in said room, and very nearly landed with my face in some guy's stomach ... but that's a different story, for a different day.

Wowie zowie.

The other day on KUT, John Aielli was talking about the extent that people go to in order to look casual.  Which is a big look here in Austin, casual.  

But you know what?  I think Free People selected our city for this shoot because our street style is actually a bit more specific.  We're casual, yes.  But there's a constant Summer of Love vibe here that translates our "casual" aesthetic into something more earthy, more '70s, more hippie-outpost-in-the-middle-of-Texas.  You feel it in certain spots, and that's what draws people to Austin.  I felt it my first time in Quacks.  You may feel it at Barton Springs.  

Here in Austin, we'll always be in the Age of Aquarius. 


Megan said...

I heard that very comment by John Aielli! And how he advised us to look hard at the casual people--more is going on there than first glance reveals.

Oh, John.

Drea said...

I have fallen in love with this band! *buying album* and it takes a lot for me to buy music.

Dave said...

Best band in town! Good to see you there... Sorry I missed the face-in-stomach plant!

Laurel said...

Any girl who just casually mentions John Aielli in her blog post about fashion is a girl after my own heart.

Ever hear him bitch about how Adele can't sing right? Or the tomatoes he got from Fiesta? Or the time he moved his rose bushes from his front yard to his backyard? I could go on.

Austin Eavesdropper said...

John Aielli is SUCH a nutcase, and that's why I love him. Especially when he talks about opera and/or gardening. It was a rough year for him, what with the drought and all.

(Rough for all of us I mean, but especially for John and his rose bushes.)

kellynD said...

I've GOT to know the next time they play, and I'm coming up to Austin to see them.

Thanks for sharing great music with us :)