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Monday, July 19, 2010

Birds have taken over this blog post.

(Even though at first, you'll think it's about my husband.)

Happy Monday morning, friends!

Can I be honest with you? There are several things I want to talk about today. Like the Bleet-Up, like my new favorite yoga studio, like the fact that Anthony Bourdain, Bill Murray, and Quentin Tarantino should just admit their collective crushes on Austin, Texas and all buy a summer home here together.

HOWEVER, none of these topics are allowing themselves to congeal into proper blog posts.  Why? I think it's because all I want to talk about is the fact that Ross comes home from the Amazon in nine days.

Nine days! We are in the single digits now. Can you believe it? Nine days until Claudia gets her favorite human back, nine days until I swerve into Austin Bergstrom Airport, nine days until I burst, snarling and wild-eyed, into baggage claim and vigorously hump my husband's leg. Family, I'm sorry you had to read that.

But here's my question: What do you do with a man who's been living in the jungle for two months?

It's cultural re-entry I'm talking about. I'm not saying Ross has gone native or anything. But you go from living very simply - one might say aescetically - for a long while, and then you come home to America with its bells and whistles and Olive Garden (heart) and Bravo TV (double heart). That's right, I said I like Olive Garden. And I don't care who knows it!

So are there things you can do to make it easier for the person coming home?

I've been joking with Ross that to help him out, I'm going to turn the house into a setting he's used to. Namely by dressing Claudia up as a baby jaguar. Really not too much of a stretch there.

And it's true, I am redecorating. Oh, nothing drastic.  Just a kitchen remodel and a new pool! some new art for right now. How do you like these guys?

Sparrow, meet Rooster. You two shall fight over avian territory in my home office.

I'm going through a rather strong bird phase right now. They fly across my dining room:

Fluttered onto my bedroom walls:

And can be seen preening, in my bathroom.

They've even started a little nest on the back of my neck, where I have a bird tattoo.

While we're on the subject. Last weekend, a real life birdwatcher found his way over to my blog! Everybody, I'd like to introduce Mikael.

Obviously, this is not Mikael. It's a photograph he took, one of several on his little Austin birdwatching blog. It really is so cute and calming.  I've been reading it every day since he commented here.

happy monday, all!

P.S. - I started this post last night while I was a little bit drunk.

P.P.S. - I fear I may have made some irreversible interior decorating decisions while I was drunk.


Mikael Behrens said...

Thanks! Maybe I'll see you at the "Bleet-Up".

Austin Eavesdropper said...

@Mikael - YAY! Hope you can make it friend!!

Brookeyogi said...

So nice to meet you and assist you in yoga last night! Glad you love Dharma so's my second home. is my blog, though like I said...I don't write often. Maybe I will start more once this silly summer school is over. Anywho, hope to see you tonight in class. ---brooke---


Thanks I'm totally going to have an irreversible mental picture of you humping Ross's leg at baggage claim when we meet up with you guys for our date in a couple weeks. Lovely. ;)

Le Tigre said...

I missed the RSVP deadline. :-(

Austin Eavesdropper said...

@Le Tigre - What's your email?

@Camille - Well, look on the bright side, I'll get it out of the way prior to our dinner date. Wouldn't that be awkward, you and your man trying to eat, while I latch onto Ross's calf?

@BrookeYogi - Girl I am totally there tonight. Really freaking excited.

goswimwithkim said...

Nine days??? Has it been two months yet? Where has my summer gone? Let's get some Olive Garden before he gets back. We can shout it from the rooftops together- "We love Olive Garden and fuck y'all!"

Amy O. said...

OK, can I just say that I heart the rooster? We live on Cockburn Drive (yes, that's right, Cockburn), and much to my boyfriend's dismay, I have been slowly sneaking "cocks" (i.e. roosters) into our home. I think I need the above posted cock added to my collection!

Austin Eavesdropper said...

@goswimwithkim - KIMMIE!! May I just say, I love the fact that your commenter name links to Yahoo? Because that's what I'm saying now, reading your comment on this page. YAHOO!

Also, dude, word on Olive Garden. I used to be ashamed about it. Then I realized, there's no shame in a perfect breadstick. If loving Olive Garden is wrong, I don't ever want to be right.

@Amy O - It's taking every ounce of restraint in my body to not respond to your street name with something more vulgar, more foul. (Get it..foul! Har).

You roosters? We are like that with owls. Together we could start a wild bird preserve with Mikael!

Le Tigre said... ;-)

I used to make fun of my friend for loving Olive Garden as much as she does, well, I still do...but the breadsticks are yummy!

Le Tigre said...

thanks girl! can't wait to meet you!!

Le Tigre said...

P.S. I wanted to drop you an email, what would be the best way to get in contact?

P.P.S. Nothing is irreversible. Well, sometimes.

Austin Eavesdropper said...

@Le Tigre - Of course! tollymoseley [a]

Heather Howell said...

Starting posts while you are tipsy is really the ONLY way to start.

@sushigirl_atx said...

Love the bird art! And love me some bread sticks & salad at the OG. said...

Tolly! We are on the same bird/decal kick! I bought the very same peacock in white. Great minds...

Unknown said...

As far as readjusting to life back home goes, we should just start with the leg humping and see where that leads. Throw in a couple of chickens and we should be all good!

Beth H said...

AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH! I want your bathroom! that sounds really weird. what i mean is, i love vintage bathroom tile in fun colors like bright yellow, and i looooooooooove peacocks, so therefore... i want your bathroom!

Maureen Stevens said...

adore! everything is so cute! love the one with the red blossoms the most with the know I adore birds on decor...sweet for u, hubs is coming home!

Austin Eavesdropper said...

Thank you, @Beth and @Maureen!! You'll never guess what I did today. PUT UP A NEW DECAL!

I'll have to show you guys a picture because it is enormous. Literally, it's a tree. A mangrove tree. With birds flying out of it!!

This obsession is going a little far.

@Ross - That sounds like a pretty solid plan. My pelvis and I will see you at Austin Bergstrom in a few days. Chickens too if I can find 'em. (Tres romantique!)