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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Le Maiden Voyage: The Austin Bleet-Up!

Oh hai, it's me!

So confession. I have been walking around all day long with a dopey cartoon grin on my face, because I was SO thrilled about how last night turned out. I got to meet the most interesting people at the Austin Bleet-Up! Music gurus, fashionistas, foodies, one man documenting his year of free pizza from Home Slice, this amazing t-shirt design shop / blog, South Side Sanctuary. FOR SERIOUS, you guys put this blogger to shame! I am so impressed with the creativity and talent out there!

The always lovely Michael Barnes stopped by and snapped a few photos, and well-prepared, camera-ready bloggers like Lani Rosales and Texas Betsy took pics as well. For me, the whole thing was like a blogger candy store, running around to each different face saying, "you blog about fusion cupcakes? Dude." "Whoa - you blog about guerilla painting?" "Shut the f-- up, you blog for Ben Kweller?" And still, there were tons of bloggers I did not meet, which only makes me excited for the next time we do this.

Of course it was also nice to clink glasses with old pals, too. Cory Ryan - our AMAZING event photographer - has now posted her photo booth album from last night on Flickr. Early-ish on in the night, the lovely Tiffany Diane from Austin is Burning and Amber Deitrich (who encouraged us to do this whole thing at TRIO!) of AmberDemure joined me in blowing bubbles!

Jake Holt - another badass Austin photog - is looking quite pimp here.

I believe I wandered off at this point.

John Gross of Party Ends and his incredibly lovely lady, Emily...

Texas Betsy - CLEVER!

My awesome editor Tom Vale from The Deli!:

Oh........hold up. Someone call a fire truck 'cause it just got haute.

That would be Gary Gaston and Andrew Rutkowski of birthday party pinata fame, as well as new friend Andrew Greene, who shall heretofore be known to me as "Google." (He works for Google.)

The Better Than The Van guys, making their aristocratic faces!

Amanda Garcia and Rose Reyes, Austin music czar and role model to me in more ways than one:

Matt Swinney, who just got finished throwing Austin Fashion Week:

Nicole Carbon, of Fabulous Drinks Austin (this pic is so freaking ADORABLE):

Lyssa from This is Life in Austin and her cute visiting pal:

Pink Sun Drops!:

Event-planning and publicity phenoms, Candace Carlisle of Electric Promotions and Claudia Blanchette of Giant Noise, as well as Kim Sae-Eua, who was featured in the Statesman yesterday!

I LERVE this picture. Do512's Kristin Owen, Amanda Louie, Lawrence of Covert Curiosity and Aaron Robert Hall:

Indiana Adams (coolest name ever?) of Adored Austin plus husband:

Laura Dobberstein and the EatDrinkAustin crew (Liz Groh, Wade Treichler, and Breanna Rollings, my colleague / pal / also of OneLegAtATime fame!):

At some point I stumbled back....significantly tipsier

Am a huggy drunk.

That's Zoe Cordes Selbin by the way, who will essentially be running this town in a few years. Girlfriend isn't out of school yet, and has interned for Giant Noise, Transmission Entertainment, and is about to start up with C3! (Correct me if I got that order wrong, Zoe!) Oh, and her father is one of the most beloved professors at my alma mater, Southwestern. (Don't make fun of me for hyperlinking my college).

Next, grabbed R. ("Husband of Blogger"):

And then, Rene! I think we are performing a magic trick here:

I'll leave you with just a few more goodies:

Peter from FoodingBlog, and Tasha and Hans from RushMonkeys:

And one non-booth shot, so you can see the lay of the Bleet-Up land. A million thanks are owed to TRIO of Four Seasons, who made this little idea a reality:



Anonymous said...

Tolly! Great meeting you! Hope you do one of these again sooon!!

Hollyann said...

Fun party Tolly, looking forward to the next one. :)

Peter Tsai said...

4th pic from the bottom w/ 3 people...

Peter from

Tasha and Hans from

Peter Tsai said...

Also, thanks so much for planning! It was a great party. So great to meet other people w/ similar interests

A few more pics if anyone is interested @

Austin Eavesdropper said...

Thank you for names, Peter!! YAY, can't wait to go check yours out!

Mai - I loved your blog post about the event! :) Made me smile.

Holly - So great you could make it! I see more Bleet-Ups in our future.

Texbetsy said...

Hey there! Thanks so much for linking to me!

(What was clever about the pic?)

Austin Eavesdropper said...

No prob, Betsy! Showing your business card in a photo = clever. ;D

Texbetsy said...

Oh! It wasn't my business card! It was my name tag. I was also holding the bubble wand.

Aaron Robert Hall said...

Well I have to say, that was a great success and I personally had a blast. I got to meet a bunch of great new people and catch up with some new friends. Since my fog machine broke and disco ball went missing minutes before the bleet-up I was relieved to find bubbles floating around and camera flashes clicking away. I am stoked to know that there will more of these events to come in the future. Thanks again so much for the invite Tolly, you are a super rockstar!

Tiffany Diane said...

oh goodness, that photo where i am laughing is crazed. i don't know where i got all that mouth!

Austin Eavesdropper said...

Well, name tag too Betsy. :) Now everyone who reads this post can put your name to a face!

Aaron - Smile overload right now because of your comment. :) All of YOU guys made it the party that it was

Tiffany - I <3 your mouth (less dirty than it sounds)

TexanCouture said...

So sad I was out of town, I hope there is another one soon!

Pink Sun Drops said...

Aw, I got a name drop!! Love it!! Tolly, you did such a LOVELY job, along with the Four Seasons. I am SO glad you did this! I had such a fabulous time and enjoyed meeting and seeing so many new faces! I'm not sure how it's ever going to be possible to read all these new Austin blogs, but I am certainly excited to.

Oh, and I FINALLY posted my photos and review of the event just now. Sorry it took so long - I went on a weekend getaway to Costa Mesa, Huntington Beach, and Newport Beach in California the day after the Bleetup! Now I'm going to go hunt down others' reviews and photos starting with Mai's : ) . I'm so glad she and I had my hubby steal her camera and take some fun photos since I was a total dork and left the memory sticks for his camera at home when I went to meet up with him. What a fun event! Kudos to you girl!!

Tasha said...

Super awesome pics! Love the blue! ;)
Had a great time and the party was very inspiring!!
We should plan this as a monthly thing! Let me know if you are interested! I'd love to help. My email will be on our site.
-had fun!

Amanda Garcia said...